Aanya Rawal Wiki/Bio, (Actress) Age, Height, Weight, Family, Net Worth.

Aanya Rawal Wiki: Aanya Rawal is a rising star in India’s entertainment industry. She was born on October 20th into a Punjabi family in the heart of Delhi that values its rich cultural heritage. The lively spirit of the city painted the background of Aanya’s childhood and gave her a deep appreciation for the arts. When she moved from Delhi to Mumbai, it was a big moment in her life. It cemented her dream of becoming famous in the busy world of Indian TV and movies.

As a young actress from an upper-middle-class Hindu Punjabi family, Aanya’s path from open schooling to her current work in the acting world shows how dedicated and passionate she is about her craft. She speaks English, Hindi, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, U.P. dialect, Haryanvi, and even basic Gujarati fluently. Her acting skills are just as varied as her language skills. Aanya is more than just an actor; she also tells stories through the characters she plays. Playing badminton is one of her normal hobbies, but it shows how grounded and simple she is, even though she plays many complicated roles.

Aanya Rawal Wiki

Aanya Rawal Wiki

Aanya’s biography is more than just a list of her personal and professional achievements. It captures the spirit of a young woman working hard to follow her dreams in the biggest film industry in the world. Her decision to move from Delhi to Mumbai shows her determination, which is important in the competitive acting world. She felt welcome in the city of dreams, and since then, she’s been leaving her mark one role at a time.

NameAanya Rawal
Date of Birth20 October
Current CityMumbai
Languages KnownEnglish, Hindi, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, U.P., Haryanvi, basic Gujarati
Can WriteEnglish, Hindi
EducationOpen schooling
ReligionHindu (Punjabi)
HobbiesPlaying Badminton
Instagram Handleaanya_rawal
Family BackgroundUpper middle class
Cultural HeritagePunjabi
Favorite CuisineNorth Indian
Favourite FestivalDiwali
Leisure ActivitiesReading, Dancing
Inspirational FigurePriyanka Chopra
Preferred Acting GenreDrama
First Acting InspirationBollywood Films
Early Career HighlightTheatre in School
Dream RoleLead in a Historical Drama

Aanya Rawal Height, Weight, and More

Aanya Rawal’s looks make her a lot more appealing on screen, which helps her play many different roles in her acting career. Her black eyes and hair aren’t just features; they’re tools that help her show how the characters she plays feel and their stories. As different as the roles she’s played—from the sweet sister-in-law in “Channa Mereya” to the lead in commercials—so has her look. Along with her love of badminton and her fitness routine, she stays in great shape, which lets her do her stunts in action scenes when needed.

Aanya Rawal bio

Although Aanya works out regularly, she also ensures she eats well to support her fitness goals. Being tall and slim gives Aanya a commanding presence, and her weight lets her move quickly. She is the perfect modern Indian actress—fit, stylish, and versatile. The makeup and skin care products she uses to bring out her natural beauty and style, both on and off-screen, make her relatable to her fans.

Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
Height1.68 meters / 5 feet 6 inches
Weight54 kg / 119 pounds
Fitness RoutineMixed Martial Arts & Yoga
Diet PreferenceVegetarian
Distinctive FeaturesSharp Jawline
Shoe Size7 US
Dress SizeMedium
Favourite BrandZara
Go-To Makeup ItemMascara
Skincare EssentialSunscreen

Aanya Rawal Career Information

In 2022, Aanya Rawal started working as a professional in the entertainment business. The most famous role she has had is as Dimpy Grewal in “Channa Mereya” on Star Bharat. As the heroine’s sister, she won hearts and showed how good an actress she was. She is incredibly excited about auditioning, which means she tries out a lot of different roles and opportunities. This is because she believes that each role is a chance to learn and grow.

Aanya Rawal boyfriend

Aanya has worked with stars like Akshay Kumar and is now known for her fresh face in commercials. Because she can change with the times and works hard, she is now ready to join the world of digital streaming. She will soon have a Netflix web series. Aanya’s career has no limits. Aanya Rawal pushes herself to create characters that impact her audience with every performance. The different roles she plays and her unwavering determination show that she is not just building a career but also a legacy in the acting world.

Years Active2022 to present
Debut SerialChanna Mereya
Character NameDimpy Grewal
CommercialsTata Play, Fortune with Akshay Kumar
Web Series AppearancePhysics Wallah on Amazon Mini
Upcoming ProjectsNetflix Webseries Vakalatnama
Casting AgencyAnti Casting
Serial AppearanceMaddam Sir, on SAB TV
Acting SchoolMumbai Acting Academy
First CommercialTata Play
Role ModelSushmita Sen
AspirationTo work in the International Cinema
Preferred MediumBoth TV and Digital Platforms
Most Challenging RoleUpcoming role in Vakalatnama
PhilanthropyWorks with Education NGOs
Social Media InfluenceActive with a growing following

Aanya Rawal Net Worth Information

Aanya Rawal is fairly new to the entertainment industry, but her career path has been nothing less than impressive. As Aanya’s fame grows, so does her income. She has been in several TV shows and commercials, and she has a part coming up in a Netflix show. At this point, it’s hard to say for sure how much she’s worth, but her work with big brands and recent moves into digital platforms point to a likely rise in her wealth.

Being on a big streaming service like Netflix often indicates that an actor’s market value is increasing. Some of the ways she makes money are through endorsement deals, sponsored posts on social media, and her work in advertising. Aanya Rawal’s net worth is increasing thanks to her skills, hard work, and smart money sense. Her wealth will likely grow as she takes on bigger roles and more brand endorsements, showing how successful her entertainment career is becoming.

Primary Income SourcesActing, Commercials
Brand EndorsementsTata Play, Fortune, etc.
Estimated Net WorthApprox. 5 to 10 Lac
Digital Platform PresenceGrowing
Luxury Brand AffinityHigh
Fashion CollaborationIn talks with clothing brands

10 Interesting Facts about Aanya Rawal

  • Aanya’s first role was in a school play, where she discovered her passion for acting.
  • She is an avid animal lover and has volunteered at animal shelters.
  • Aanya has a hidden talent for singing, which she occasionally showcases at family gatherings.
  • Despite her busy schedule, Aanya makes time for meditation, which she credits for her focus and calm demeanour on set.
  • She has a penchant for writing and often pens short stories and poems.
  • Aanya is a travel enthusiast and aims to visit every continent before she turns 30.
  • She is a foodie and enjoys exploring local cuisines wherever she travels, with a special love for street food.
  • Aanya has a green thumb and enjoys gardening, finding it therapeutic and a way to connect with nature.
  • She’s also a tech geek and loves staying updated with the latest gadgets and apps, which she often uses to learn her lines.
  • Aanya is also quite the fashionista and desires to launch her clothing line.


Aanya Rawal is the new generation of Indian actors—she is flexible, lively, and has many sides to her. She worked hard, was determined, and was lucky to make it from the quiet streets of Delhi to the bright cityscape of Mumbai. As an actress, she has played roles in everything from TV dramas to commercials and now, finally, on much-anticipated digital platforms like Netflix. This shows how well she can adapt and do well. Her biography and career information show a path that many young actors want to take, one that is marked by great performances and a fan base that is growing quickly.

What about Aanya’s body? Her height and level of fitness not only fit her roles but also show how important health and wellness are to her. Because she believes in the power of being true to yourself, her height, weight, and other unique features have helped her make a name for herself in the industry.

People have different ideas about how much money Aanya has, but it’s clear that her smart career choices and the way her popularity is rising are setting her up for a successful future. Having her hands in many different things, from acting to possible fashion projects, strengthens and expands her reputation as an actor and a new brand.

Aanya Rawal is more than just a name on a casting call list; she represents the hopes and dreams of many young people who want to make it big. The information about her and her story are not just facts; they are parts of an inspiring story that keeps going with every audition, role, and performance.

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