Anupama 10th February 2024 Written Update: Anuj lies to Shruti and meets Anupama.

Anupama 10th February 2024 Written Update: In today’s show, Anupama feels uneasy. She sees Anuj near her eatery. It was a dream of Anupama. She looks around for Anuj. Then, she dreams about Kanta. Anupama hugs Kanta, saying she misses her. Kanta tells her that’s why she’s here. Anupama talks about how much she values life.

She wonders why we must value everything. She shares with Kanta how she moved to the USA, leaving her family behind, but now her family seems right before her. Anupama is very sad. She wishes she hadn’t moved to the USA. She thinks she shouldn’t have followed Devika’s advice.

Anupama 10th February 2024 Written Update

Kanta asks if Anupama isn’t happy to see Anuj. Anupama says she’s happy but doesn’t want to meet him. However, she decides to see Anuj one last time. Anupama hopes Anuj will be pleased with Shruti. Kanta questions if that’s what Anupama truly wants. Anupama says she wants Anuj and Anu to be happy, even if it means they’re with Shruti, not her.

Anupama feels she’s better off alone. Kanta advises her to keep open to possibilities and not to feel trapped. Anupama and Kanta share a hug. Shruti tells Aadya and Anuj she’s excited about her birthday surprise. Aadya teases Shruti for spoiling her surprise. Aadya mentions it’s Shruti’s last birthday before getting married. Anuj is surprised.

Dimple is happy to start the dance school again. Titu gives Dimple a name sign as a gift, which makes her emotional. Shruti shares her birthday cake with Anuj and Aadya. Aadya expresses her wish for a mother like Shruti, surprising Anuj. Aadya says Anuj will spend the day with them, leaving Anuj worried about how to meet Anupama during Shruti’s birthday.

Titu thanks Dimple for liking his gift but says he can’t come in. He tells Dimple to call him if she ever needs a friend. Dimple calls out to Titu to thank him for his support. Titu encourages Dimple to achieve her dreams. Anupama asks Yasdeep if she’s doing the right thing. Yasdeep says it’s not his place to say. Anupama is unsure about her feelings for meeting Anuj.

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