Anupama 12th June 2024 Written Update: Anupama confesses that she still loves Anuj.

Anupama 12th June 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Devika asks Anupama why she didn’t tell her about Gulati. Anupama asks Devika to ignore her. Devika says Vanraj and Anuj are both Anupama’s exes. She says Vanraj never misses a chance to taunt Anupama, while Anuj always supports her. Devika asks Anupama if she still has feelings for Anuj. Anupama is shocked.

Vanraj looks for his mobile. He asks Ansh if he has it. Ansh says no. Kavya thinks Vanraj is possessive about his mobile. Mahi helps Vanraj find it. Devika accuses Anuj of moving on with Shruti. She gets angry at Anuj for bringing Anupama to take care of Aadya.

Anupama 12th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 12th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama defends Anuj. She says Anuj knew no one else could help Aadya, so he called her. Devika asks Anupama if she still loves Anuj. Anupama asks Devika to hurry, as Hasmuk might be waiting for them. Devika insists Anupama confess her feelings for Anuj. Anuj decides to pick up Devika and Anupama.

Shruti learns Anuj still loves Anupama. She gets anxious about sending Anuj and Aadya to Anupama. Shruti decides to go to India, worried that Anuj and Anupama might get closer there. Devika makes Anupama admit she still loves Anuj. Anuj finds out and feels happy. Vanraj asks the inspector to find proof to stop Dimple and Titu’s wedding. Mahi confronts Vanraj. Vanraj threatens to send her to a hostel if she doesn’t keep his secret.

Mahi gets scared and agrees. Vanraj decides to be careful. Anupama tells Devika she loves Anuj, but he has moved on. She admits it hurts to see Anuj with Shruti. Anupama believes Shruti will keep Anuj and Aadya happy. Anuj feels annoyed. Later, Titu decides to tell Dimple the truth. Dimple hugs Titu, and Titu fears losing her.

Anupama says she only wants Anuj and Shruti’s happiness. Anuj gets emotional. Titu assures Dimple he will never replace Samar in her life. Dimple and Titu decide to fulfill Samar’s dream for Ansh. Samar goes to see someone. Dimple asks Titu to attend the sangeet on time.

Anupama shares with Devika that she wants Aadya to accept her. Later, Dimple asks Kinjal why she is sitting alone. Kinjal says she can’t bear Paritosh’s taunts. Dimple asks why Kinjal is with Paritosh without love. Kinjal says she doesn’t know. Dimple decides to support Kinjal. Anuj remembers Anupama’s confession.

Precap: The Shahs celebrate Dimple’s sangeet. Shruti gets restless when Aadya avoids her call.

Anupama 12th June 2024 Episode Review

In this episode, emotions run high as Devika confronts Anupama about her feelings for Anuj, leading to a shocking confession. Vanraj’s possessiveness over his mobile raises suspicions, while his attempt to stop Dimple and Titu’s wedding adds tension. Anupama defends Anuj’s decision to involve her with Aadya, but her admission of lingering love complicates matters.

Shruti’s anxiety about Anuj and Anupama getting closer prompts her to head to India. Amidst this, relationships are tested, secrets are threatened, and heartfelt confessions unfold, making it a gripping episode full of drama and emotional revelations.

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