Anupama 14th June 2024 Written Update: Anupama beats Gulati.

Anupama 14th June 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, the Lady Inspector says that Dimple has taken away Titu’s peace and stolen his heart. Vanraj asks the inspector if they are serious. Titu makes an entry, and he and Dimple dance together. The Shahs enjoy watching their dance. Anupama hopes nothing bad happens to Dimple and Titu. She sees Rahul talking to someone. Kavya praises Dimple and Titu’s dance.

Anuj looks for Anupama. Rahul tells Anupama he is working with Gulati and shares his struggle story with her. Rahul tries to convince Anupama. Kinjal calls Anupama for cake cutting. Ansh asks about the cake. Anupama talks about Kavya and Vanraj’s wedding anniversary. Leela asks Kavya and Vanraj to stay together. Mahi decides to cut the cake along with Vanraj and Kavya. Vanraj allows Mahi. Anupama asks to serve the cake to everyone.

Anupama 14th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 14th June 2024 Written Update

The Shahs perform a group dance. Rahul asks Gulati why he didn’t talk about Anupama. Gulati asks Rahul who he is and who he will report to. He gets angry at Rahul. Rahul says that because of Gulati, he betrayed Anupama. He admits to putting cockroaches in Anupama’s dish and threatens Gulati. Paritosh overhears Gulati and Rahul’s conversation. Rahul asks Paritosh to save him. Paritosh beats Rahul.

Gulati asks Paritosh to settle with him, or it will not suit him. He offers Paritosh a job and an excellent salary to keep his secret. Anupama beats Gulati and confronts him for ruining her life. Gulati pushes Anupama away. Anuj decides to send Gulati to jail. Gulati says that without proof, no one can send him to jail. He warns Anuj and Anupama not to fight with him, or they will regret it. Gulati tells Rahul not to go against him.

He also asks Paritosh to think about his offer. Anupama decides to send Gulati to jail. Gulati tells Anupama to keep dreaming. Anuj decides to ruin Gulati by raising his hands against Anupama. Anuj asks Rahul to tell everyone the truth. Vanraj wishes Kavya, and Kavya gifts a ring to Vanraj, taunting him for not remembering their wedding anniversary. Later, Paritosh and Anuj expose Rahul in front of the Shahs. Rahul asks Anupama to forgive him. Anupama gets angry at Rahul. Rahul admits his crime. Anupama refuses to ignore Rahul.

Precap: Biji and Yashdeep surprise Anupama. Anuj tells Shruti that he will meet Smith to confront her after returning. Shruti gets restless.

Anupama 14th June 2024 Episode Review

In this gripping episode, emotions run high as Dimple and Titu’s romantic dance entertains the Shah family. Anupama’s concerns deepen as Rahul reveals his alliance with Gulati and confesses his deceitful actions, leading to intense confrontations. Paritosh’s intervention escalates the conflict, resulting in a dramatic showdown.

Anuj’s determination to bring Gulati to justice showcases his support for Anupama. Meanwhile, Kavya and Vanraj’s anniversary celebration adds a personal touch, though Kavya’s taunt hints at underlying tensions. The episode ends on a cliffhanger with Gulati’s threats and Anupama’s resolve, promising more drama and suspense in the next instalment.

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