Anupama 16th February 2024 Written Update: Shruti invites Anupama for a meeting.

Anupama 16th February 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Vanraj tells Adhik to sign some papers. Adhik says it’s too late because everyone wants to go to bed. Then, Adhik burns the papers. Vanraj is shocked and asks Adhik if he’s gone crazy. Adhik questions Vanraj, asking if he thinks Adhik will agree to see his daughter only once a month. Adhik says he only wants to care for his daughter and doesn’t want anything else. Vanraj, Pakhi, and their family are very surprised.

Adhik says he used to want to see his daughter, but now he wants to be her main caretaker. He tells Vanraj and Pakhi that they have often made him feel bad. Adhik plans to visit his daughter and asks Dimple to come with him to avoid false claims from Vanraj and Pakhi. Leela and Hasmuk tell Pakhi she needs to be strong through this.

Anupama 16th February 2024 Written Update

Aadya asks Shruti about the Mexican restaurant she visited, but Shruti doesn’t answer. Aadya wants Shruti to promise never to leave her or Anuj. Aadya doesn’t listen to Shruti’s replies. Adhik meets his daughter. When Vanraj and Pakhi arrive, Adhik warns Pakhi not to act like a victim in court, or he will take his daughter, Ishani, and nobody will stop him. He also asks Dimple to give Ishani some chocolates from him.

Kinjal checks on Anupama and mentions Yashdeep, Anupama’s boss, who is more like a friend to her. Anupama thinks about Yashdeep, and Kinjal notes that he understands Anupama well because he’s faced similar troubles. Anupama, Anuj, and Shruti recall old times. Vanraj tells Leela to get ready for brunch for his boss. Leela thinks of Anupama, but Vanraj doesn’t want to hear Anupama’s name.

Hasmuk praises Anupama. Anupama has a nightmare about Shruti and Aadya blaming her. She wakes up worried that Shruti and Aadya might be in danger. In reality, Anupama is scared for Aadya and Hasmuk. Leela wonders why Kavya returned from her picnic early. Kavya explains that she came back because Vanraj’s boss was visiting.

Mahi decides to assist Leela and talks to Hasmuk about the boss. Anupama is troubled by her dream but decides to accept Aadya and Shruti as they are. Pakhi asks Vanraj about Adhik, and Vanraj says Adhik doesn’t want to settle the matter. Pakhi gets upset. Vanraj sees Dimple is happy and becomes suspicious. Shruti invites Anupama for a meeting. Vanraj’s boss visits, and he’s impressed with Vanraj’s family.

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