Anupama 1st July 2024 Written Update: Vanraj manipulates Aadya against Anupama.

Anupama 1st July 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Anupama asks Ansh to welcome Titu. Anuj decides to help Ansh. Vanraj offers to help Titu too. He asks someone to bring Titu on time, thinking he knows why Titu is late. Vanraj plans to expose Titu. Anupama hears Vanraj’s conversation. Vanraj tells Anupama she is too late to stop him and gives her a sarcastic look, telling her to enjoy the wedding.

Anupama worries that Vanraj might ruin Titu and Dimple’s wedding and decides she won’t let him. Anuj and Anupama bump into each other, and Anuj flirts with Anupama, complimenting her look. Anupama tells Anuj about her meeting with Shruti and suggests he marry Shruti, as she greatly loves him. Anuj responds about his love for Anupama and asks her whom she loves.

Anupama 1st July 2024 Written Update

Anupama 1st July 2024 Written Update

He wonders why Anupama won’t confess her love to him. Pari interrupts their conversation, and Aadya sees Anuj. Dimple and Titu start the wedding rituals. Anupama and Anuj remember their wedding. Hasmuk says everyone deserves a second chance, and Anuj agrees. Anupama dances with Anuj and Titu, and Dimple exchanges garlands.

Titu asks Anuj not to wash his feet, but Leela insists on the ritual. Anupama and Anuj suggest another way to perform the ritual. Vanraj gets a call. Anuj and Anupama bless Titu and Dimple. Vanraj manipulates Aadya against Anupama. Ansh ties the gathbandhan (knot) of Titu and Dimple. Leela asks Anupama and Anuj to perform the kanyadaan ritual.

Vanraj claims he should have done the ritual instead of Anuj because he had cared for Dimple. He asks Dimple to choose who should perform the ritual. Dimple asks Vanraj and Kavya to do it. Devika and Anupama are suspicious of Vanraj. Vanraj tells Titu to take care of Dimple and Ansh.

Anupama doubts why Vanraj is letting Titu and Dimple’s wedding happen smoothly. Vanraj asks someone to bring a lady. Dimple and Titu take the wedding rounds. Vanraj surprises Titu by bringing his mother. Titu is shocked.

Precap: Titu tells the Shahs about his mother. Vanraj tells the Shahs that Titu is a criminal.

Anupama 1st July 2024 Episode Review

In this episode, tensions rise as Anupama and Vanraj clash over Titu and Dimple’s wedding. Vanraj plots to expose Titu while Anupama remains vigilant. Anuj flirts with Anupama, hinting at unresolved feelings. Dimple and Titu begin their wedding rituals with the support of Anupama and Anuj. Vanraj’s manipulations create doubts, and he asserts his right to perform an essential ritual, causing suspicion.

The episode ends with a shocking twist as Vanraj brings Titu’s mother, leaving everyone stunned. The drama and emotional conflicts keep viewers engaged, setting up an intriguing storyline for the next episode.

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