Anupama 20th June 2024 Written Update: Shruti sees Anuj and Anupama together.

Anupama 20th June 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Devika asks Anuj if he is following her. Anuj says he is just walking and looking for tea. Anupama offers him tea. Devika remarks that Anuj could have asked for anything today. Anuj drinks the tea. Devika asks Anuj to drop her off at the Shah house, but Anuj insists he came to walk. Anupama helps Anuj, and Devika prays for Anuj and Anupama to unite.

Pakhi asks Adhik who called him, but Adhik says he doesn’t need permission to meet Ishani. Pakhi asks Vanraj to throw Adhik out of the house. Adhik says he is there for Ishani. Pakhi questions Adhik’s presence, and Adhik takes Ishani with him. Pakhi thinks Adhik is crazy, but he insists Ishani isn’t safe with Pakhi and blames her for Ishani’s condition. Adhik threatens to take Ishani after Dimple and Titu’s wedding, but Vanraj opposes him. Adhik challenges Vanraj.

Anupama 20th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 20th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama tries to reason with Adhik, but he refuses to listen. Pakhi blames Anupama for revealing the truth about Adhik and Ishani. Anupama tries to explain, but Pakhi doesn’t believe her and expresses hatred. Adhik scolds Pakhi and reveals he learned about Ishani from his doctor friend. Paritosh and Adhik get into a fight. Ishani feels sad that Pakhi doesn’t let her meet Adhik. Pari, Mahi, and Ansh comfort Ishani and wish for peace between their parents.

Adhik apologizes to the Shahs for causing drama at Dimple’s wedding and declares that Ishani isn’t safe with Pakhi. He vows to fight for his rights and insists on taking Ishani. Adhik greets Anuj, while Aadya worries about Anuj being with Anupama. Shruti calls Aadya, but she avoids the call. Adhik tells Anuj and Anupama not to give up on their true love and believes their love story should not remain incomplete. Anuj and Anupama think about each other.

Pakhi asks Vanraj to file a case against Adhik. Vanraj blames Pakhi for inviting trouble and defends Hasmuk when Pakhi accuses him. Anupama thanks Vanraj, who becomes emotional. Mahi comforts Vanraj. Aadya finds out that Anuj is with Anupama and complains. Anuj tells Aadya to stop the drama, and Aadya blames Anupama for changing Anuj’s behaviour. Anuj and Anupama avoid each other as the episode ends.

Precap: Anuj and Anupama celebrate Dimple’s haldi ceremony. Shruti sees them together.

Anupama 20th June 2024 Episode Review

In this gripping episode, tensions run high as Anuj and Anupama’s complex relationship takes centre stage. Devika’s lighthearted comments add a touch of humour, while Pakhi’s confrontations with Adhik and Vanraj escalate dramatically. Anupama’s efforts to mediate are met with resistance, highlighting the emotional turmoil within the Shah family.

Adhik’s determination to protect Ishani drives the conflict forward, culminating in a heartfelt apology to the Shahs. Aadya’s insecurities and the bittersweet moments of love and misunderstanding between Anuj and Anupama further enrich the episode’s emotional depth. The precap teases more drama as they unite for Dimple’s haldi ceremony.

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