Anupama 20th October 2023 Written Update: Anupama asks Vanraj to come back.

Anupama 20th October 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Anupama says that Suresh had influenced Vanraj. Anuj believes Suresh planned everything. Anupama mentions that just as Suresh is a father, she is a mother. Malti feels things won’t be right between Anuj and Anupama until Samar gets justice. Malti wants justice for Samar, but not if it risks Anuj’s life. Anupama is worried after seeing an interview where Suresh says Vanraj is not in his right mind, so his words can’t be trusted.

Leela asks Dimple where she’s going. Dimple wants to start a dance school. Some women criticize Dimple for dancing so soon after Samar’s passing. Leela tells them to mind their own business. But she also tells Dimple to give up on her dream.

Anupama 20th October 2023 Written Update

Anupama stands up for Dimple. Leela refers to Dimple negatively, which upsets Anupama. Anupama tells Dimple she should chase her dreams and not be held back by grief. Dimple thanks her. Anupama tells Samar to see that Dimple is moving forward.

Anupama tries to comfort a sad Vanraj. She tells him to stay calm and think about how to handle Suresh. Anupama motivates Vanraj to stand strong and fight back.

Barkha asks Adhik how he’s doing. Adhik confides in her. Malti wants to see some business files, but Adhik and Barkha say they’re private. They worry Malti is trying to control their business. Adhik feels Malti is taking advantage of the situation.

Anupama tells Leela and Hasmuk that Vanraj will recover in time. There’s a knock on the door, which shocks Anupama.

Precap: Devika supports Anupama. Vanraj tries to protect Hasmuk and Leela from Suresh’s evil men.

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