Anupama 20th September 2023 Written Update: Anupama prays to God to make Malti meet Anuj.

Anupama 20th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Malti Devi is looking for something. Anupama wants to be of assistance. Malti is looking for the way to her room. Anupama decides to help her out. But Pakhi comes in and says she will take Malti to her room. Malti spends a long time looking at Anuj. It’s not suitable for Anuj. He tells Anupama that Malti’s way of looking at him is annoying.

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Anupama tells him that he should instead think about his birthday. Anuj thinks that Anupama is giving him orders. Anupama tells him to go home and hang out with Anu. Anuj wants Anupama to give money to a place for kids who don’t have parents. He wishes there were no kids there. Anupama tells him not to think about things that made him sad in the past. Anuj tells Malti Devi about a place she can go to get help. Anupama knows they will move Malti Devi to a good place once they find one.

Anupama 20th September 2023 Written Update

Malti sees things that are set up for a party. Anuj’s birthday is coming up, Pakhi says. Malti wants everything to go well. Pakhi doesn’t know what to say. Romil runs into Adhik by accident. They fight a little. Romil is sorry, he says. Adhik wants to stay out of trouble. Pakhi gives Romil a job related to music, and he tells Adhik to wrap gifts. But Adhik wants to work for Romil. Pakhi tells them to stop fighting and think about their birthday. Anupama hopes that Anuj and Malti will meet.

Anuj’s family talks about Anuj’s birthday. Leela wants to know how old Anuj is. Vanraj says the kids’ home told them it was on a Janmashtami holiday. At the party, Leela wants to dance. Hasmuk tells everyone to have fun and not worry about anything. Kinjal asks Dimple why she looks so sad. Dimple says that she is just exhausted. Leela makes fun of Dimple a little. Hasmuk tells Vanraj not to make any trouble, especially after seeing Romil and Adhik fight.

Anupama visits the kids at their house. She talks to the leader of the group. A picture of the falls at Anuj. They are familiar with Anuj and Malti Devi. Anuj wants Malti to stay away from his party. Anupama shows the person the picture and asks if they know the child in the picture. The person is not sure if Anupama knows or not.

The Shahs wish Anuj well at the party. They are a little taken aback when they see Romil. Pakhi is ready to have fun. Anuj is looking for Anupama. Leela thinks that Anuj might be in for a surprise from Anupama. Pakhi starts a fun game. Malti stands far away and looks at Anuj.

Precap: Anupama is happy because she thinks Anuj and Malti Devi might meet. Malti Devi is what Anuj sees.


Everyone is getting ready for Anuj’s birthday in this episode, and tensions and hopes are high. As Malti Devi looks for her room and keeps staring at Anuj, making him uncomfortable, she becomes the centre of attention. There are fights, plans, and hopes for a celebration with no drama that shows how the Shah family works.

When Anupama goes to the orphanage, she discovers that Anuj, Malti Devi, and a mysterious child have something in common. The episode ends tense, with Malti watching Anuj from a distance and Anupama hoping to see him again. This episode is full of drama and mystery; the next one will bring more answers.

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