Anupama 22nd September 2023 Written Update: Anupama takes a stand for Anuj.

Anupama 22nd September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Anupama says that she found a picture of Malti in her bag. She wanted to tell Anuj the same day, but today was the day for him to find out the truth. Anupama took the picture quickly, and Sushma immediately knew who it was. She shows Anuj papers from Sushma, which shocks him. Anuj is Malti’s son, Anupama tells everyone.

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Leela says it’s strange to find out this much about Anuj’s family. Hasmuk doesn’t think it’s true. Anuj makes Vanraj and Adhik sad. Romil says he understands how Anuj feels because he was also surprised when he met Ankush.

Anupama 22nd September 2023 Written Update

Anupama says that Anuj has found Deviki, who is his birth mother. Anuj has always wanted to be part of a family, and now he does. Anu is surprised and happy to learn she also has a grandma.

Malti didn’t know, says Anupama, but she felt close to Anuj. She shows a handkerchief made by Malti that has an ‘A’ on it. Malti asks Anuj, “Are you your son?” She puts her hand on his face and smiles. But Anuj tells her to leave him alone and doesn’t think of her as his mother. Everyone is taken aback.

Anupama asks Anuj to explain himself. Anuj says Malti made him feel bad, and he now knows why. He says Malti put him in an orphanage and can’t be his mom because she did that. Anuj is angry and tells her to leave. Anuj doesn’t want to hear Malti call him her son.

Vanraj tells Anuj to give Malti some time. Anuj wants to know how long he should wait. He says that someone is not a mom just because they gave birth. When a woman acts like a mother, she is a mother. Malti’s son Anuj doesn’t want to be her son, so he asks her why she put him in an orphanage.

Anuj talks about how hard it was to grow up in an orphanage. Anupama and Romil both cry. Anuj says that a home isn’t an orphanage. Anu hugs him and tells him she knows how he feels. Anuj doesn’t want Malti to be his mother.

Precap: Anupama will help Anuj. He doesn’t want to live where Malti lives. Anupama is taken aback.

Anupama 22nd September 2023 Episode Review

In this sad episode, Anupama tells everyone that Anuj is Malti’s son. Some of Anuj’s family members are surprised, while others feel bad for him. Malti is overjoyed to discover her son is alive, but Anuj turns her down. He can’t accept her as his mother because she left him in an orphanage.

The episode explains what it means to be a mother and what a family is. It makes you think about what makes someone a parent. Both Romil and Anupama cry because they are so upset. The episode ends with a cliffhanger that makes people want to know what will happen between Anuj and Malti next.

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