Anupama 27th January 2024 Written Update: Anupama scolds Toshu.

Anupama 27th January 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Shruti talks to Anupama and tells Anuj and Shruti that Joshi ben called her. She was the one Shruti was looking for and said it’s true that if we want to find something, we will find it. She mentions that Joshi Ben is okay and staying at a restaurant owner’s house; she has her passport and belongings. Anuj says he will take Shruti tomorrow to meet her. Shruti asks if they can go now. Aadhya is surprised by this.

Dimpy gives a lunch box to Mahi and tells her to eat. Baa gives Mahi a gift, telling her to study hard. Ansh says he’s glad Mahi is leaving and gives her a gift. Ishani gives Mahi a card with a poem she wrote. Pakhi says goodbye, telling Mahi if she gets sick, her mom might bring her back. Mahi nods. She tells her father, Vanraj, that she loves him even though he might not love her. She asks for a selfie because her friends think he doesn’t exist. Vanraj leaves, upset about Kavya’s betrayal.

Anupama 27th January 2024 Written Update

Ishani takes a photo with Mahi. Mahi thanked her and asked Kavya to come with her. They leave. Baa asks Vanraj why he’s upset with Mahi, reminding him that Kavya betrayed him, not Mahi. Vanraj admits his issue is with Kavya. Baa tells him to accept Mahi as Kavya accepts his children. She reminds him of his past mistakes with Anupama. Vanraj says he had set conditions with Kavya. Babu Ji convinces them not to let Mahi or her mother leave.

A servant tells Anupama someone is there to see her. She goes out and is surprised to see who it is. Vanraj seeks advice from Babu Ji, who tells him a child needs both parents. He says if Vanraj can’t be a father to Mahi, he should at least let her mother stay. He compares the situation with Pakhi and Ishani. Vanraj argues but eventually walks away. Kavya thanks Babu ji. Shruti and Anuj visit Anupama at Yashpal’s house. Beeji, surprised by their visit, asks about Joshi ben. She informs them Joshi ben just left with her son. Anuj wonders why she went with him.

Anupama is at Kinjal’s house, looking after Pari. Kinjal apologizes for the inconvenience, as Toshu was unreachable. Yashdeep says it’s okay. Anupama notices the messy house and asks about Toshu. Kinjal says he’s out watching a football match. She asks Anupama to rest, but Pari wants Anupama to stay. Yashdeep agrees, saying it’s a busy day tomorrow.

Anupama stays because she values her work and the support she receives in tough times. Toshu returns home drunk, upset to see Anupama. Anupama tells Kinjal to take Pari away and confronts Toshu about his responsibilities. Toshu argues, takes money from Kinjal’s purse, and tells Anupama to leave.

Yashdeep returns home and is questioned about Anupama. He says she’ll be back in the morning. Beeji worries about how Anupama will cope with the pain. Toshu insists Anupama leave. She returns the money to Kinjal, saying she came for her granddaughter. She asks Toshu to care for his family, but he refuses.

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