Anupama 29th October 2023 Written Update: Anupama gives Anuj an idea.

Anupama 29th October 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Barkha questions Malti about her surprise. Malti wonders why Anupama went to Shah House again. Barkha clarified that Anuj also went there. Malti mentions Anuj’s important meeting, but Barkha says Ankush will handle it. She asks if Malti is upset and tells her to adjust. Malti feels Anupama can’t stay away from the Shahs and is annoyed with Anuj and Anu for always being around Anupama.

Hasmukh asks Anuj and Anupama how Vanraj will overcome his sadness. He doesn’t want to trouble them but is concerned. Anupama reassures him. Hasmukh is worried about Vanraj losing his sons. Anuj and Anupama comfort him. Leela brings Dimple home forcefully. Anupama and Anuj question her. Leela wants Anupama to control Dimple to protect their reputation.

Anupama 29th October 2023 Written Update

Anu seeks Romil’s help with origami. Romil agrees. Malti questions Romil’s whereabouts. Romil asks Malti not to control him. She’s shocked when he reveals he hasn’t been to college in three weeks and asks her not to meddle in household issues. Leela accuses Dimple of tarnishing the family’s reputation by eating street food with boys, who are her students. Anupama supports Dimple. Dimple chooses to stay with Anupama.

Anuj tells Anupama not to worry about Leela. Anupama suggests starting a home for the elderly abandoned by their children. Anuj supports her. They decide to create a home for the needy. Anuj asks Anupama to always stay with him. She promises.

Kavya informs Leela about her doctor’s appointment. Leela appreciates Kavya’s support. Kavya is surprised and touched. Anuj spends quality time with Anu and Anupama. Malti feels Anuj has lost his identity as Anupama’s husband. Romil asks Anupama if his friends can come over for a study group. Malti is upset, but Anupama agrees, and Anuj supports her. Malti is shocked.

Anupama tells Dimple to get ready, but Dimple doesn’t like dressing up. Anupama encourages her to move forward in life and live fully. Pakhi is upset with Anupama and Dimple. – Episode Ends

Precap: Anupama advises Malti to be a kind mother-in-law. Malti says it’s up to Anupama. Anuj returns, spending time with Anupama. Malti feels no matter how good a mother she becomes, Anuj will always choose Anupama.

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