Anupama 9th July 2024 Written Update: Anupama refuses to sign the NOC.

Anupama 9th July 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Hasmuk assures the Shah family that they didn’t run away. He says they went on vacation. Anupama thinks Hasmuk is lying. Hasmuk asks Anupama not to scold him. Anupama tells Hasmuk to come back home, but Hasmuk stays firm. Paritosh supports Hasmuk, saying he is not lying. Vanraj agrees and says Hasmuk went on vacation. Anuj and Anupama still don’t believe Hasmuk.

Leela says no one will trust them, and Hasmuk admits that Anupama already doubts them. Leela and Hasmuk are looking for a place to stay, so Anupama decides to search for them. Vanraj accuses Anupama of implying he doesn’t care about Hasmuk and Leela, and Anupama gets angry at Vanraj. Anuj decides to join Anupama in the search, but Vanraj asks Anupama to sign the NOC. Anupama refuses to sign it until Hasmuk and Leela are back.

Anupama 9th July 2024 Written Update

Anupama 9th July 2024 Written Update

Paritosh says Anupama is avoiding signing the NOC. Kinjal supports Anupama, saying Hasmuk and Leela are missing. Paritosh tells Kinjal to stop supporting Anupama. Kinjal tells Paritosh to stop supporting Vanraj. Kavya is worried about Anupama. Anuj regrets not going with Anupama. Kavya says Aadya will be upset seeing Anuj and Anupama together.

Chopra asks Vanraj to submit the house papers. Vanraj asks for more time. Paritosh urges Vanraj to do something about Anupama. Pakhi says Anupama causes problems. Vanraj gets angry at Anupama. Anupama discovers that Hasmuk and Leela lied. She worries about them. Paritosh suggests that Vanraj cash the cheque. Vanraj says he can’t do it until Anupama signs the NOC. Pakhi and Paritosh pressure Vanraj to handle Chopra. Dimple asks Vanraj to give Ansh his share. Vanraj is surprised.

Titu tells Vanraj that Dimple wants to secure Ansh’s future. Vanraj accuses Titu of manipulating Dimple. He misunderstands Titu. Anupama continues to look for Hasmuk and Leela. Aadya asks Anuj to return to the USA. Anuj refuses to go back. Aadya confronts Anuj, accusing him of not wanting to return because of Anupama. Anuj gets angry at Aadya. Later, Anuj discovers that Hasmuk and Leela are staying in an old age home.

Vanraj refuses to believe it. Anupama and Anuj decide to check. Pakhi says Hasmuk and Leela are just seeking attention. Paritosh agrees with Pakhi. Kavya and Kinjal get angry at Pakhi and Paritosh. Vanraj, Anupama, and Anuj discover the truth about Hasmuk and Leela. Vanraj questions Hasmuk about leaving the house, but Anupama and Anuj ask Hasmuk to return home. Hasmuk refuses.

Precap: Anupama refuses to sign the NOC. Vanraj accuses her of wanting a penthouse, so she does not sign.

Anupama 9th July 2024 Episode Review

In today’s episode, Hasmuk tries to convince the Shahs that he and Leela went on vacation, but Anupama suspects he’s lying. Tensions rise as Vanraj accuses Anupama of not caring while Anuj joins her in searching for Hasmuk and Leela. Anupama discovers they lied and are staying in an old-age home.

The family argues over signing the NOC, with Paritosh and Pakhi pressuring Vanraj. The episode ends with Anupama and Anuj urging Hasmuk to return home, but he refuses. The drama intensifies as misunderstandings and accusations fly, setting the stage for more conflicts.

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