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Candice Patton Wiki: The American actress Candice Patton was born and raised in Plano, Texas. She is best known for her role as Iris West-Allen on The CW’s TV show “The Flash.” She rose to fame at Southern Methodist University, earning a BFA in theater, which was the start of her acting career. Patton’s early years in Texas were marked by a strong desire to pursue the performing arts with all her heart.

This drive led her to participate in the Soap Star Screen Test on CBS during her first year of college. She won this contest, which changed the course of her career and led to significant changes in the entertainment business.

Candice Patton Wiki

Candice Patton Wiki and Biography

Birth PlacePlano, Texas, USA
EducationSouthern Methodist University
DegreeBFA in Theatre
Early BreakthroughWinner of CBS’ Soap Star Screen Test
First Significant RoleRole in “The Young and the Restless”
Notable TV Series“The Flash”, “Arrow”, “Supergirl”
AwardSaturn Award for Best Supporting Actress
Co-Founded InitiativeShethority
Charity InvolvementWork with Girls Not Brides, Girls, Inc.
USO TourVisited US military bases in Kuwait
Inspiration for ManyRole Model for Aspiring Actors
Early InterestPerforming Arts
Pivotal MomentWinning a nationwide audition contest
Artistic InfluenceTheatre and Drama

Candice Patton became famous with hard work, talent, and a little luck. For her, early success on “The Young and the Restless” set the tone for a career that would make her an essential part of the Arrowverse by playing Iris West on several shows. The critics praised her performance and gave her a Saturn Award, recognizing her skill and contribution to the genre.

Along with her acting career, Patton is involved in many charitable activities. Leading the creation of Shethority shows her dedication to giving women power and tackling social problems. She shows her commitment to giving back to the community by going on the USO tour and visiting U.S. military personnel in Kuwait.

Candice Patton Height, Weight, and More

Candice Patton’s looks make her more recognizable on screen; they work well with her acting skills and help her bring her characters to life. Being tall and fit has dramatically helped her in her action-packed role in “The Flash.” Being physically healthy is a big part of Patton’s role as Iris West, a character known for having a solid and active personality.

Candice Patton bio

Her commitment to a healthy lifestyle, including working out regularly and eating a balanced diet, shows how she acts and moves on screen. Fans worldwide can instantly recognize her because of her expressive eyes and unique hair. Patton’s fashion choices, both on and off-screen, show what she likes and have made her a fashion icon for many people.

Height5 feet 4 inches
Weight54 kg (119 lbs)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Distinctive FeatureExpressive Eyes
Fitness RegimeCardio and Yoga
Shoe Size8 US
Dress Size4 US
Skin ToneWarm

Candice Patton Career Information

Candice Patton’s brilliant career path shows how talented and dedicated she is. From appearing on CBS’s “Soap Star Screen Test” to becoming a significant character in “The Arrowverse,” her journey has been phenomenal. Starting with roles on TV shows like “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Patton has shown a vast range and ability to adapt to different situations.

Candice Patton career

Her role in “The Flash” made her famous worldwide and a household name in the superhero category. Patton’s career isn’t limited to TV; her experience in web series and music videos shows her versatility. Because she helped shape the story of the Arrowverse and made her character seem real and complex, she has a lot of loyal fans and good reviews.

Debut TV Series“The Young and the Restless”
Breakthrough RoleIris West in “The Flash”
Award WonSaturn Award for Best Supporting Actress
Guest Appearances“Arrow”, “Supergirl”, “Legends of Tomorrow”
Web Series“Sorority Forever”
Charity WorkCo-founder of Shethority
USO TourVisited military bases in Kuwait
Acting StyleDynamic and Expressive
Role in ArrowverseCentral Figure
Inspiration for Young ActorsTrailblazer in TV Series
Genre VersatilityDrama, Sci-Fi, Web Series

Candice Patton Net Worth Information

Candice Patton’s success in the entertainment business has made her famous and given her a stable income. Her net worth shows how much she has worked hard at her craft. Candice Patton’s net worth shows her success in the entertainment business. Her primary source of income has been her participation in popular TV shows and web series.

Her roles have also helped her money-making abilities in music videos and endorsements. Her volunteer work, especially with Shethority, shows she wants to use her fame for a good cause. Her investments in real estate and a wide range of stocks show that she is very good with money.

Net Worth (2023)$5 Million USD
Primary Income SourceActing in Television and Web Series
EndorsementsVarious Brands
Property InvestmentsReal Estate
Car CollectionLuxury Vehicles
Philanthropic VenturesShethority
Business VenturesCollaboration with Fashion Brands
Income from Music VideosAppearances in Artist’s Works
Investment PortfolioDiverse
Annual IncomeGrowing Annually

10 Interesting Facts About Candice Patton

  1. Patton won a nationwide audition contest in her first year of university.
  2. She co-founded Shethority, an online initiative to empower women.
  3. Patton is a Saturn Award winner for her role in “The Flash.”
  4. She visited U.S. military bases in Kuwait as part of a USO tour.
  5. Patton’s career began with a role in “The Young and the Restless.”
  6. She has made guest appearances in various Arrowverse shows.
  7. Patton is known for her expressive eyes and distinctive hair.
  8. She maintains her fitness through a dedicated regimen.
  9. Patton has become a style icon for her unique fashion sense.
  10. Her versatility as an actress spans drama, sci-fi, and web series.


Candice Patton went from being a young actress in Texas to becoming famous worldwide. Her story is one of hard work, talent, and strength. Her parts, especially as Iris West on “The Flash,” have earned her praise and a solid fan base. Her work with charities and projects like Shethority shows that she wants to use her fame to improve the world. Patton’s physical traits, such as her fitness routine and unique style, have helped her do well in movies.

Her wide range of career choices shows her versatility and skill as an actress. Her net worth also shows her financial success, which shows how hard she works and how much she loves what she does. Candice Patton shows aspiring actors that anyone can reach great heights in the entertainment business with hard work and dedication. Many people are inspired by her story, which shows that success isn’t just about talent but also about hard work and being willing to use your success to help other people.

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