Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 14th February 2024 Written Update: Surekha is angry with Savi.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 14th February 2024 Written Update: The episode begins with Savi seeing Surekha on the phone. After her call, Surekha goes away. Savi also leaves quickly for a seminar. Reeva cooks a meal for Ishaan, hoping they can eat together. But when Ishaan arrives, he tells Reeva he can’t stay for the meal because he has to attend a seminar about the UPSC exam given by Sanjeev, who used to be an important police officer in Nagpur.

Ishaan plans to record the seminar for Savi because she cannot attend. Nishikanth hears this and suggests Ishaan bring Reeva to the seminar to represent their college. Ishaan agrees, and they go together. At the seminar, Ishaan and Reeva said they are from Bhosle Institute, and Savi also said she’s a student from there. Ishaan can’t see Savi because his view is blocked.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 14th February 2024 Written Update

The seminar begins with an introduction of Sanjeev, the former police officer. Sanjeev thanks everyone for coming and talks about how important it is to focus on what’s important in life, using an example that captures the students’ attention.

Ashmita and Shikha visit Surekha to discuss Savi. They remind Surekha it’s lunchtime and ask if they can take Savi’s lunch to her room. Surekha is upset about giving Savi special treatment and says Savi should come to get her food herself. When Shikha finds Savi’s room empty, she rushes to tell Surekha.

During the seminar, Sanjeev invites the students to share their thoughts on leadership, an important trait for UPSC candidates. Savi stands up and gives her view, surprising Ishaan, who didn’t know she was there. Savi talks about one’s duty towards one’s country. Surekha is angry when she finds out Savi left home and tells Shikha and Ashmita to look for her. They find a clue that Savi went through the balcony, making Surekha even angrier.

Meanwhile, at the seminar, Sanjeev is impressed with Savi’s answer and asks her to introduce herself. Reeva questions Ishaan about Savi’s presence. Surekha calls Ishaan, upset about Savi leaving home. Sanjeev then tells the students about a role model for IPS aspirants, surprising Savi by talking about her father, Virat. She is proud to see her father’s photo displayed at the seminar.

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