Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st December 2023 Written Update: Ishaan honors Savi.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st December 2023 Written Update: The story begins with Savi asking the receptionist to hand over her 10-day leave application to Ishaan. The receptionist says yes. Savi then learns from Shukla that Bhavani and Vinu visited Ishaan. She worries Ishaan might have been rude to them because he’s angry.

Ishaan questions Bhavani and Vinu about their visit. Savi tries to enter Ishaan’s office, but security stops her. However, she manages to get in. Ishaan tells his security to leave and sarcastically tells Savi she’s good at meddling in others’ affairs, even though he told her not to.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st December 2023 Written Update

Savi asks Bhavani and Vinu why they are there. Bhavani explains they came to invite Ishaan to Savi’s award ceremony. Ishaan doesn’t think Savi should be celebrated. He believes early success can be a curse as it might not be valued. Vinu is puzzled why Ishaan thinks Savi shouldn’t be honoured. Bhavani tells Ishaan they’re honouring Savi for saving herself and Durva from a man named Samrud and for saving Ninad’s life, thanks to Ishaan. Ishaan says he’s too busy to attend. Savi tells Bhavani and Vinu not to bother inviting him.

Elsewhere, Reeva is praised for her room decoration. She thanks a lecturer for the compliment. Ishaan arrives at the counselling room, where Reeva asks a lecturer to explain the room to Ishaan and then leaves. Ishaan hears rumours about Reeva possibly leaving college for a job in America.

Savi is packing for Ramtek. Vinu asks why Ishaan is upset with her. Savi believes Ishaan gets angry when someone challenges his views. After locking up, she leaves. On the phone with Prateek, Ishaan is frustrated that Reeva might quit before he can fire her. Prateek suggests talking to her. Reeva overhears this.

Ishaan questions Reeva about her leaving. She reminds him of something she said in her interview and insists she’s not going anywhere. Ishaan is surprised to see Shantanu at his house and learns Shantanu spoke to Savi about Isha, not Isha herself. Savi visits Isha at home, pleading with her not to ignore her. Isha asks how Savi is doing, and Savi appreciates being asked about her feelings. Isha thinks Savi’s actions, though well-intentioned, were wrong.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st December 2023 Written Update

Ishaan tells Shantanu he views Surekha as his mother. Shantanu clarifies he’s asking about Isha, not Surekha. Ishaan doesn’t want to discuss it and leaves. Surekha wonders why Ishaan is uneasy with Shantanu when he is open with reporters. Savi and Isha discuss Ishaan, with Savi suggesting the issue lies with him, not them.

Precap: Ishaan honors Savi at her ceremony. Harini sees them together and tells Bhavani they look like a couple, Sai and Virat. She wonders if they’ll also make a good pair. Reeva calls Savi to announce her wedding and invites her. Savi agrees to attend.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st December 2023 Episode Review

The episode is mostly about how Savi, Ishaan, Bhavani, and Vinu interact with each other, and it has a mix of interpersonal drama and emotional conflicts. The story begins with Savi applying for leave, which sets off a chain of events showing how complicated the characters’ relationships are. Ishaan’s sarcastic attitude toward Savi’s involvement in other people’s lives adds to the tension. Bhavani and Vinu’s visit to invite him to Savi’s recognition ceremony starts a new storyline about understanding and recognizing.

Miscommunication and the effects of having preconceived ideas are skillfully shown in this episode, primarily through Ishaan’s reluctance to recognize Savi’s accomplishments and his misunderstanding with Reeva. It is shown that Savi is caring, but she is also stuck in situations she can’t change. This shows how hard she works and how strong she is.

The side plot about Reeva supposedly leaving college and Ishaan’s reaction to it gives the story more depth and shows different sides of Ishaan’s personality. The short conversation between Savi and Isha also touches on forgiveness and understanding.

Overall, the episode is interesting because it combines different plots to look at relationships, pride, and how complicated human emotions can be. The character growth is interesting, especially how it shows each character’s weaknesses and strengths.

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