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Humaira Himu Wiki: Humaira Himu was born on November 23, 1985, in Lakshmipur, Bangladesh. She is a well-known figure in the Bangladeshi television industry. From a young artist wanting to be a famous actress, her story is one of hard work and talent. Growing up in Lakshmipur gave Humaira the skills she needed to become an artist. In 1999, when she finished her Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exams, she moved to Dhaka.

This was the start of her long and successful career in the arts. The people in her family were very important to her. Humaira was the only child of engineer Sana Ullah and Shamim Ara Chowdhury. When her parents died, she felt a lot of loss. The deaths of her father in August 2022 and her mother from COVID-19 in 2020 were both significant setbacks. Despite these problems, she kept entering the entertainment business, motivated by her family’s history.

Humaira Himu Wiki

Humaira Himu Wiki

The biography of Humaira Himu is not only a record of her professional successes but also her struggles and victories. Her life was full of both happiness and sadness, showing how strong she was as a woman who, despite losing loved ones, kept captivating audiences with her performances.

Full NameHumaira Nusrat Himu (Changed to Humaira Himu in 2005)
Date of Birth23 November 1985
Place of BirthLakshmipur, Bangladesh
EducationCompleted Secondary School Certificate (SSC)
Family BackgroundOnly child of Sana Ullah (Engineer) and Shamim Ara Chowdhury
Relocation to Dhaka1999
Marital StatusUnmarried
Notable RelativesUncle Moin Uddin Chowdhury, former director of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB)
Languages SpokenBengali, English
HobbiesTheatre, Reading
InspirationsBengali Culture, Family Heritage
Social ContributionsParticipated in various cultural events and charities
LegacyLeft a lasting impact in the Bangladeshi television industry

Humaira Himu Career Information

Himu’s career as an actress shows how versatile she is and how hard she works. She started as a theatre artist with Nagorik Natyangan in 1999 and quickly rose to fame in Dhaka’s lively theatre scene. In her first role on TV, opposite Dilip Chakrabarti, in the show “PI,” she made her screen debut. This part allowed her to have successful performances that cemented her place in the Bangladeshi entertainment business. Humaira’s roles in TV shows like “Ghor Kutum,” “Choumohol,” and “Shonghat” showed that she could play a wide range of characters.

Humaira Himu bio

As an actress, she showed a lot of range in “DB” as a police officer and in “Chaya Bibi” as a comedic character. Her first movie, “Amar Bondhu Rashed,” showed how versatile she was even more. Humaira Himu was a dynamic and essential figure in the entertainment world throughout her career. She left an indelible mark on the hearts of her fans. With a long list of memorable roles and performances, Humaira Himu has brought the stories and characters of Bangladesh to life on stage. Her story of going from being an actress in the theatre to a famous TV and movie star is one of talent, hard work, and dedication.

Theatre DebutNagorik Natyangan (1999)
Television Debut‘PI’ opposite Dilip Chakrabarti
Notable TV Series‘Ghor Kutum’, ‘Choumohol’, ‘Shonghat’, ‘DB’, ‘Chairman Bari’, ‘Chaya Bibi’, ‘Tomar Doyai Valo Achi Ma’
Film Debut‘Amar Bondhu Rashed’ (2011)
Roles PlayedFrom negative roles to police officers and comedic characters
CollaborationsWorked with actors like Chanchal Chowdhury
RecognitionAcclaimed for her diverse acting skills
Contribution to TheatreWorked with several theatre groups in Dhaka
Impact on Bangladeshi TelevisionKnown for her memorable performances
Influence on Young ActorsInspired a new generation of actors
Cultural InfluencePromoted Bengali culture through her roles

Humaira Himu Height, Weight, and More

A lot of the time, how an actor looks is significant to their career, and Humaira Himu was known for having a unique look and presence. She was about 5 feet 6 inches tall and had a strong presence on screen. Her dark brown hair and black eyes made her stand out and went well with how she showed emotion on stage. Besides these physical traits, Humaira’s style and grace were essential to who she was as an actress.

Humaira Himu career

The way Humaira Himu looked was both a matter of taste and a sign of her dedication to her work. Her ability to change into different characters showed how much she cared about becoming those characters. Her physical traits were an extension of her artistic persona, making her very appealing and her performances seem more real.

Height5′ 6″ (Approx.)
Hair ColourDark Brown
Eye ColourBlack
Distinctive FeaturesExpressive Eyes, Graceful Demeanor
Style QuotientElegant and Contemporary
Fitness RegimeBalanced Diet and Regular Exercise
Fashion SenseA Mix of Traditional and Modern Attire
Presence on ScreenCommanding and Captivating
Transformation for RolesAdapted physical appearance for diverse characters

Humaira Himu Net Worth Information

While no one knows how much Humaira Himu is worth, her successful career in the Bangladeshi film and TV industry makes it seem like she had a lot of money. Some of her money came from her parts in popular TV shows, movies, and productions. In addition to the money she made from acting, she may have also made money from endorsements and public appearances. Her talent, hard work, and dedication to her craft have built up her net worth. It shows how well she’s financially and how much she’s helped the Bangladeshi entertainment industry.

Estimated Net WorthSubstantial, reflecting a successful acting career
Primary Income SourcesActing in TV series, films, and theatre
EndorsementsAppeared in television commercials for various brands

10 Interesting Facts About Humaira Himu

  1. Early Start in Theatre: Humaira Himu began participating in stage plays in second grade.
  2. Cultural Work: Before becoming a famous actress, she was involved with local cultural organizations like ‘HiFi Koutuk Shilpogoshthi’ and ‘Friends Natyogoshthi’.
  3. Name Change: In 2005, she changed her name from Humaira Nusrat Himu to Humaira Himu on the advice of actor Tony Dias.
  4. Diverse Roles: She played various characters, from negative roles to a police officer and comedic characters.
  5. Theatre to TV: Her transition from theatre to television significantly evolved her career.
  6. Family Influence: Her family’s support and cultural background greatly influenced her career.
  7. Language Skills: Besides Bengali, she was proficient in English.
  8. Health and Fitness: She maintained a healthy lifestyle, balancing a proper diet with regular exercise.
  9. Fashion Sense: Known for her elegant fashion sense, she often blended traditional and modern attire.
  10. Charitable Involvement: Humaira was actively involved in various philanthropic activities and events.


The story of Humaira Himu’s life and work shows how dynamic and varied the Bangladeshi entertainment industry is. From being interested in theatre in Lakshmipur to becoming a famous actress in Dhaka, her story is one of talent, hard work, and strength. Her many roles in theatre, TV, and movies showed her versatility as an actress and how much she loved what she did. Humaira’s personal life, which was full of happiness and sadness, shows that she was a strong and graceful person who dealt with life’s challenges.

Humaira Himu has made a big difference in the Bangladeshi entertainment scene. She brought many different characters to life, each with a story and subtleties. This made Bangladesh’s culture stronger. People connected with her performances, which made her famous and a model for actors-to-be. She was talented and flexible because she could easily switch between different types of music and roles. Away from the screen, Humaira was known for her style, elegance, and dedication to living a healthy life. Because of these parts of her personality, she became a famous figure in the Bangladeshi entertainment business.

Participating in community events and charitable activities showed how committed she was to giving back to society, which showed how caring she was. The entertainment world has lost an excellent star with her untimely death. But Humaira Himu’s legacy lives on through her unforgettable performances and how she affected her fans and coworkers. Many people are inspired by her story, which shows how vital passion, persistence, and the lasting effects of art and culture can be.

The story of Humaira Himu’s life shows how creative and strong people can be. She went from being a little girl in Lakshmipur to becoming a famous actress. Her story is one of success and inspiration. People in Bangladesh’s film and TV industries will remember her for years to come, and her life will continue to inspire artists and performers of the future.

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