Imlie 10th October 2023 Written Update: Agastya gave Imlie an offer.

Imlie 10th October 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Imlie is looking for the money she kept in a water tank. She can’t find it. She sees a ladder near the tank, and the ground is wet. She thinks her aunts might have taken it. When she enters a room, Bulbul and her mother act as if they are sad about the missing money. Imlie thinks Bulbul stole the money and a chain, but Bulbul and her mother say they didn’t. Imlie gets very angry and threatens to take them to the police.

A man remembers when someone slapped him. He feels upset but also thinks about Imlie. He stops near Imlie’s house when he hears a lot of noise. Imlie locks a room and makes Bulbul and her mother go outside. Meanwhile, Alka talks about Agastya’s wedding. She wants to involve Dadi in some business. Agastya is getting married to make his family happy.

Imlie 10th October 2023 Written Update

Sonali says congratulations to Agastya. Noyonika, his bride, calls him. She wonders why he isn’t happy. Agastya says he doesn’t believe in marriage. Imlie tries to call Agastya many times. When he finally answers, there is some confusion. He warns her not to ask for money from her aunt, or he will tell the police.

Imlie thinks about selling her house. Her uncle agrees. Her aunt tries to be nice to Imlie and her husband to stay in their good books. But later, Bulbul caused some trouble with burning coal. In the confusion, Ashu faints, and everyone is worried. They rush him to the hospital. Imlie feels very sad and guilty because she wishes she had taken better care of Ashu. Agastya calls Imlie, hears her crying, and asks her not to call him again.

Precap: Imlie will pray for Ashu’s health. Agastya will make Imlie an offer when she’s in trouble.

Imlie 10th October 2023 Episode Review

“In this emotionally charged episode, Imlie’s search for lost money forces her to confront family members she thinks have stolen from her, which quickly makes things worse.” The subplot about Agastya’s reluctance to get married gives the story more depth and shows how people struggle inside when their families pressure them.

This episode has a good balance of personal drama and high tension, especially when Ashu’s health suddenly gets worse, making Imlie feel guilty and worried. The episode is full of family problems, personal problems, and surprises that keep people watching.

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