Imlie 14th September 2023 Written Update: Imlie apologising to Bunty.

Imlie 14th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Imlie tells her shop friend Bunty that she’s sorry. Bunty tells her that he has been cooking since morning and that she is late. Imlie says that she slept late, so she woke up late. They begin to make puris and sabzi. Bunty asks her why she isn’t working in a big restaurant if she wants to be a top chef. He tells her to learn English and jokes that when she becomes a chef, she will make him help her. Imlie tells her that learning English won’t help her cook better.

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Agastya talks about how he wants to find a great chef for his sweet shop. This cook should be able to speak English well. He looks at a paper and thinks that it needs more information. Agastya’s car almost hits Imlie as she serves food. She smiles when she sees herself in the car mirror. A piece of paper goes flying out of Agastya’s hand. They are not in the same room. Agastya doesn’t like the street vendors.

Imlie 14th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie doesn’t like how rude Agastya is being. She then sees the newspaper Bunty told her about. It’s about a chef competition. She’s happy, but she doesn’t know if she should join. Sonali also shows Dadi pictures of Agastya at a bar. She says that Agastya’s spending money on dancers is a waste. Agastya tries to defend himself by saying he must be at the bar. He says that Sonali is to blame and that she shouldn’t be in charge. Dadi tells them to act reasonably and protect the name of their business.

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Imlie works hard to get ready for the cook-off. Her family and friends are rooting for her. They treat her as if she has already won and compliment her cooking. People are all happy.

Precap: Imlie dresses up as a man to get a ride to the competition from Agastya. She quickly says she’s sorry and leaves, making Agastya mad. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to cook for him.


In this episode, the story is about Imlie’s goals and the problems she has to deal with. Imlie wants to be a famous chef because she loves to cook. How she talks to Bunty shows how important knowing English is in society, but she thinks that her skills are more important than language. Agastya, meanwhile, is looking for a top chef who speaks English.

A short meeting between the two shows how they might work together in the future, but there are a lot of misunderstandings. In a side plot, we learn about Agastya’s family problems and how his reputation affects him. Imlie’s surprise meeting with Agastya and the upcoming chef competition make the end of the episode exciting. The story does an excellent job of mixing aspirations, what society expects, and personal problems.

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