Imlie 15th November 2023 Written Update: Imlie comes to see Agastya.

Imlie 15th November 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Imlie gives breakfast to Amrit. When he tries to touch her, she drops the breakfast. Jugnu sees this and tries to tell Agastya, but Agastya doesn’t understand him. Agastya goes to Chaudhary Sweets, looking for clues about the wrong person. The police come to find Agastya. Amma ji asks why they are searching for him. The police say Agastya might have been careless and hurt their workers. Govind tries to call Agastya but can’t reach him. The police warn Govind not to hide Agastya.

Agastya feels upset and sits down. It starts raining, and he imagines Imlie dancing. Then, some evil men attack him. They are the same ones he fought before when Imlie was in trouble. Agastya tells Imlie to take the car keys and escape. She runs to the car.

Imlie 15th November 2023 Written Update

The evil men say they will get Imlie. They fight with Agastya. Imlie leaves the car to help him, but the men hurt Agastya and try to touch Imlie. Then, Biswa Jyoti Singh comes and saves her. Biswa asks Agastya if he can still fight. Agastya says yes, and they both fight the men. Agastya checks if Imlie is okay.

The police arrive to take Agastya. Sonali says she will find the workers who complained about him. Agastya says the police can’t take him without a warrant. The police ask him to come to the station. Agastya thanks Biswa and introduces himself. He asks for friendship, but Biswa says it will take time.

The police take Agastya. Imlie, thanks, Biswa. He tells her that Agastya is lucky because she came out to save him. Imlie is confused about why she left the car. Agastya tells her to go home with Sonali. Biswa remembers when he was in trouble, his friend left him. Sonali tells Amma ji that the police only took Agastya for questioning.

Agastya returns and tells Amma Ji the police can’t bother him for no reason. Amma Ji asks about his injuries. Imlie comes to see him. Amrit stops her and says she must dance to show her talent to the family. He gives her a pass for the show and forces her to perform.

Precap: the police come with a warrant to arrest Agastya.

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