Imlie 15th September 2023 Written Update: Imlie learns she got rejected by their boss.

Imlie 15th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Imlie asks Mama, Aasu, and Bunty to give honest feedback about her cooking. They like what she cooks. Agastya tells his servant that he wants a skilled chef from a good family. He says that his business, which was started by his father, brother, and Dadi, is his main focus. Agastya must step up now that he has lost his father and brother. He says that his brother’s problems are because of a poor girl.

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He tells his helper to look into the past of everyone they hire. Imlie makes a wish when she looks at the moon. First, she wants to make money for Aasu’s medical care and follow her dreams. Pallo and Bulbul make her do a lot of work around the house. Imlie knows that they did it on purpose to mess up her work. Hearing them talk, she knows what their plan is. She tries to get away by putting on Mama’s clothes.

Imlie 15th September 2023 Written Update

Pallo Mami thinks she is her husband and messes up. Imlie ends up getting away from her. She walks down the road, hoping for a ride to her competition. Agastya is driving. He wants to go somewhere, and Imlie offers to show him the way. She thinks his fancy car is cool and wants to buy one for Aasu. He gets tired of how much she talks, so he tells her to leave. As she walks away, he finds out that she is a girl. She said she was sorry and was in a hurry to get to the competition. He tells her that she can’t join.

Since the form is written in English, Imlie can’t fill it out. She does the best she can. When Agastya sees her, he gets mad at the man who helped him because he let her in. He wants her to leave. When Imlie finds out, she argues that she is a great cook and should be allowed. Agastya says, though, that she can’t join because she doesn’t have enough schooling.

Precap: Agastya tests Imlie’s skills by telling her to boil milk. She has trouble using the stove, so he says she can’t compete.


In this episode, Imlie wants to know what people think about her cooking skills and wants to join a competition. Agastya is looking for a chef with a good reputation for his business. He doubts Imlie, mostly because she comes from a low-income family and hasn’t attended college.

Imlie shows how determined and demanding she is, but she doesn’t speak English, and people in Agastya are prejudiced against her. The episode shows how hard it is for Imlie to get ahead in a world that often looks at her background instead of her skills.

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