Imlie 17th November 2023 Written Update: Agastya shouts at Imlie.

Imlie 17th November 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Agastya sees Imlie from a balcony. Imlie calls Agastya, but he doesn’t answer. Sonali advises Amma ji to drink water. In the kitchen, Jugnu tells Rajni that Amrit is forcing Imlie to dance at a bar, or Agastya will face problems. Rajni is shocked to hear this.

Imlie sends Agastya a voice message, but he doesn’t listen to it. Rajni quietly asks Govind to talk in private. Pallo argues with Imlie about money because she’s no longer part of the Chaudhary family. Imlie stands up to Pallo and makes her leave the room. Govind finds out from Rajni that Jugnu overheard Amrit and Imlie’s conversation. He worries about telling Amma Ji, who is already upset. Rajni suggests they must say to Amma ji the truth.

Imlie 17th November 2023 Written Update

Rajni explains to Amma ji that they should bring Imlie back to avoid gossip about throwing out their daughter-in-law. She reminds Amma ji of a past incident with Kunal Bhaiya and urges him not to repeat the same mistake. Amma Ji is upset with Imlie, but Rajni convinces her to forgive and accept Imlie as their daughter. Govind tells Amma ji about their daughter Shivangi’s Roka and worries about the family’s reputation if Agastya’s wife isn’t present.

Govind insists Amma ji should bring Imlie back for the family’s honour. Pallo scolds Billo for wanting food. Imlie shares her food with Billo and questions Pallo’s behaviour. Imlie reveals she’ll soon have money from her job at the bar. Suspicious, Imlie visits the bar, where Biswa sees her from his car. She sings and dances there.

Agastya arrives at the bar, but Imlie doesn’t stop her performance. Agastya angrily tells her to get off the stage. Imlie denies knowing him and asks the bouncers to remove Agastya. She insists on continuing to sing for her income. Agastya tries to explain, but Imlie declares their marriage, only a contract, is over. She argues she hasn’t hurt anyone and has her reasons. Agastya accuses her of seeking attention, leading Imlie to slap him and demand his removal from the bar. Biswa overhears their argument.

Amrit criticizes Birender for withdrawing a complaint against Agastya. Biswa interrupts, revealing he bribed Birender to do so and assures him not to fear Amrit. Govind asks to speak privately with Amrit. Agastya pleads with Imlie to come home and becomes angry when men tease her. He defends her and insists she return home.

Precap: Agastya confronts the bar’s bouncers and urges Imlie to come home with him, but she refuses.

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