Imlie 20th September 2023 Written Update: Investors Praise Agastya for choosing Imlie as his super chef.

Imlie 20th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Imlie gets to work tired. She takes deep breaths. She wants to know where her car is. Imlie says that she ran because it is good for her health. She hacks up mucus and drinks water. Agastya notices that her throat hurts and asks her to use the electric kettle to make tea. Imlie doesn’t know how to use it, so she cooks on a gas stove instead.

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Agastya asks her why she didn’t use the kettle. Imlie says she didn’t use as much electricity because cooking also needs boiling water. Investors like the way she thinks. Sonali doesn’t feel good. After Imlie cooks, she gives the investors the food and tells them it will make them think of home. Sonali says that Imlie did not make the dishes look pretty.

Imlie 20th September 2023 Written Update

Agastya tells them to try it out. They like it, and they thank Imlie for bringing back memories. They decide to put money into the candy shop, which makes Agastya happy. Sonali wants to throw away the leftover food, but Imlie says she’ll give it to people experiencing poverty.

The investors also like this idea. They thank Agastya for putting Imlie in charge of the kitchen. Imlie is thankful and plans to ask Agastya for money to pay for Aasu’s medical needs. Agastya calls her Noyonika by mistake. He tells some poor kids to wash their hands before they eat later. Even though they don’t, Imlie feeds them anyway.

Agastya says that poor kids don’t know how to behave. Imlie says that even rich people can be bad sometimes. Agastya thinks rich people don’t give up their children, but poor people do. He says that poor people would be rich if they worked hard. He’s mad because a bad person caused him to lose someone.

Imlie says that she disagrees and that rich people can be selfish. She decides not to ask Agastya for money because he might think she is poor and fire her. At home, she thinks about how a rich man hurt her sister, Kairi. She is mad at that guy.

Agastya is reading a letter from his brother, telling him not to trust poor people. He feels sad when he thinks about his brother’s funeral.

Precap: Seth tells a man to close a bar. Imlie tells him to stop because it’s her job. Agastya called Imlie so she could give her the keys she had forgotten. He says he is at Johri’s house, which surprises Imlie.


In this episode, Agastya’s biased views on wealth and poverty contrast with Imlie’s resourcefulness and kindness. The investors are impressed by Imlie’s choice to run to get in shape, save electricity, and give leftover food to people in need. However, there are underlying tensions because Imlie and Agastya have painful pasts related to their different socioeconomic backgrounds.

Imlie’s love for her sister Kairi and Agastya’s sadness over what happened to his brother give them more depth as people. The episode does a great job weaving together class, prejudice, and personal history themes. It sets up future confrontations and reveals.

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