Imlie 22nd September 2023 Written Update: Imlie teaches a lesson to Amrit with her friends.

Imlie 22nd September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Agastya finds the guard sleeping near Johri House. He tells him off and then goes to see how Imlie is. Agastya is surprised when Imlie comes running up to stop him at that moment. He doesn’t understand why she’s wearing fancy traditional clothes to go for a walk in the evening.

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Agastya laughs as Imlie makes an excuse. He says that she’s a mystery to him and that he can’t believe what she’s wearing. She hands him the keys to his car and tells him to go. When he asks why she isn’t inviting him in, she says that everyone is asleep and she’ll invite him another time. He says yes and walks away. The guard wakes up and asks who Imlie is, but she leaves before he can answer.

Imlie 22nd September 2023 Written Update

Pallo asks Imlie why she didn’t earn any money at the bar. She also asks Imlie why she is going to meet Seth instead of going to the bar. Pallo is mad and breaks a bottle of medicine. Imlie takes it away when she tries to break it.

She tells Pallo that she will never be able to figure her out. Grandma sees a picture of a girl for Agastya at breakfast and says something mean. Govind doesn’t want the girl to sing. Then, Grandma tells Agastya that Noyonika has asked Agastya to marry her. Agastya is taken aback. Sonali looks at the picture of her before he can see it.

Sonali thinks that he will marry her for money. Agastya says he won’t, even if the girl is very pretty. Grandma threatens to give Sonali the business. Agastya tells her that she can’t make him get married. Grandma tells him that she has lost two people she cared about and that she wants to look out for her grandson. Agastya takes the picture away with him. Bulbul calls Amrit and says that he is Imlie. She talks about a deal and says that she can’t take it in front of other people.

Amrit wants a kiss, but she wants 5,000 rupees instead. He sends the money, and over the phone, she kisses him. She tells him to wait even though he wants to book a hotel. Later, Agastya asks Amrit to talk to Grandma and convince her not to make them get married. Amrit likes the idea of Noyonika. Pallo is curious about where Bulbul got the money. She lies, and Pallo sees right through it. When Imlie sees Amrit at the bar, she worries about what he will do next.

Precap: Imlie and her friends teach Amrit a lesson while Agastya watches from a distance.

Imlie 22nd September 2023 Episode Review

There is a family drama, sadness, and a little bit of humour in this episode. Agastya’s confusion about Imlie’s actions and clothes makes him funny, while marriage proposals and business responsibilities cause tension in the family. The fact that Pallo doesn’t trust Imlie adds another layer of complexity to the story.

This episode sets up future fights, especially ones about forced marriages and secret plans. The story is interesting because of Grandma’s emotional plea and Agastya’s inner conflict. The mysterious deal between Bulbul and Amrit adds to the mystery. The end of the episode leaves viewers wondering what will happen next, especially between Imlie and Amrit. Overall, it’s a fun episode with a lot of turns and twists that set up more drama to come.

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