Imlie 28th September 2023 Written Update: Imlie breaks down in tears.

Imlie 28th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Imlie is sad because Pallo won’t treat her like a family member. A police officer says no one wants to help Imlie because her job isn’t respected. Shankar helps Imlie, which makes her happy. While this happens, Chachi asks Agastya if he wants to marry. Agastya thinks he made a mistake in the past, so he now trusts what Dadi says.

Aasu asks Imlie why she’s late when she gets home. She feels bad about what people have said about her, so she takes a shower and thinks about it. Agastya also takes a shower and thinks about how Imlie helped the poor. He thinks she lied to him because she is poor, too. Pallo pokes fun at Imlie’s job. Imlie says she is an artist, not someone with a bad job. Unfortunately, she has no money for Aasu, but Aasu tries to make her laugh.

Imlie 28th September 2023 Written Update

Sonali thinks back to when she helped Noyonika keep a secret. They agree on what to do. Sonali wants to run the business and doesn’t want Agastya’s family ties to make Dadi favour him.

Agastya tells Jugnu that he will report Imlie to the police. Imlie goes to a restaurant to talk to her boss about something important. Agastya acts rude and acts like he doesn’t know her. She doesn’t want the new shoes he gives her. He gives her a big job, and she takes it because it pays well. She doesn’t know why Agastya does the things he does.

Precap: Agastya will try to hurt Imlie, but she says she is unafraid.

Imlie 28th September 2023 Episode Review

The episode makes you feel a lot of different things. People can feel how hard it is for Imlie to be accepted by her family and how people judge her job. The internal conflict of Agastya and the growing plot involving Sonali and Noyonika add to the mystery.

The episode does a great job of weaving the characters’ lives together, especially since Agastya’s actions toward Imlie are hard to predict. Even though the story is about how people see each other and how family politics work, Imlie’s strength in the face of adversity is at the heart of it.

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