Imlie 30th September 2023 Written Update: Imlie gets emotional.

Imlie 30th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Imlie hopes that Mr Johri will like her cooking so that Agastya won’t fire her when he finds out her secret. She has heard that Mr Johri is upset that the singer for the event won’t be there. Since she can also sing, she thinks about singing for him. When she asks Mr. Johri about it, he remembers her and wonders why she’s there.

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She tells him that she made the food herself. He is surprised and says that she can’t sing at this big party since she usually sings in bars. Imlie thinks that if she’s good, she can sing anywhere. He agrees and tells her that her pay will be 1.75 million rupees. This makes her happy because now she can buy medicine for Aasu.

Imlie 30th September 2023 Written Update

Geeta, married to Mr Johri, worries about what people will think if Imlie starts singing. Imlie asks why she can’t sing here if she can sing for God. She will cover her face when she sings to make them feel more at ease. Mr. Johri is on board. Pallo Bulbul, on the other hand, comes in as a server and plans to steal something valuable.

Agastya goes to the party and runs into Imlie there. He thinks that she is there to trick another wealthy man. When he asks her if everything is okay, she lies and says “yes” because she thinks she’ll tell the truth after she gets paid.

Getting ready to sing, Imlie. Agastya stops her as soon as she starts. He insults her by saying that she sings in bars. He says he wanted the professional singer to back out so Imlie could sing instead. She remembers that he made fun of her at a bar once. Even though she’s hurt, she keeps singing. Amrit thinks he can name the singer.

The stepmother of Agastya doesn’t like Imlie’s song, so she leaves. She is upset that Agastya invited a singer from a bar. Because of his past, she doesn’t want to go to his party. Dadi scolds her and tells them they must treat Agastya like a family member. Agastya tells Imlie that she can’t be his chef since she lied.

Imlie then tells Agastya not to laugh at her work. She wants to be paid.

Imlie 30th September 2023 Episode Review

This episode is full of drama, showing that Imlie is a chef and a singer. When the leading performer can’t attend a party, she offers to sing, but people judge her because she usually sings in bars. Agastya’s biased view of the situation and setting it up later adds tension and shows how society looks down on specific jobs.

The episode talks about class differences, the worth of one’s job, and the struggle to be accepted. Geeta, Dadi, and Agastya’s stepmother react differently, which adds to the story. Overall, it’s an exciting episode that shows how hard it can be to find respect and understanding in a society that is quick to judge.

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