Imlie 4th October 2023 Written Update: Agastya recalls Imlie’s words.

Imlie 4th October 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Imlie comes home and looks sad. Mama is drinking and tells him that Agastya is why he lost his job, even though it wasn’t his fault. Imlie asks him if alcohol helps him forget about his problems. Mama says it does, but only for a short time. Imlie drinks, too, and she remembers that Agastya liked her cooking when she was rich. But now, he won’t even eat what she makes.

She tells Mama to listen to her and not talk over her. She worries about how she will pay Aasu’s medical bills and what she will say to Kairi. Sonali makes fun of Agastya when he talks about what Imlie said. She says that he made a bad business choice by stopping a deal.

Imlie 4th October 2023 Written Update

Agastya says he fired the chef when he found out she had another job at night. Sonali only cares about making money. She doesn’t care what her employees do when they’re not at work. Mama says that she feels sorry for Imlie because she has had a hard life since childhood. Dadi says that Alka caused a commotion at a party. Alka doesn’t like that the party had a dancer. She tells Agastya that he might one day bring a dancer home. Dadi tells her to stop babbling. Sonali tells Dadi that Agastya stopped a big deal because of one girl.

Pallo and Bulbul want to know why Imlie didn’t tell them about her job as a chef. Imlie says she works to pay her rent. She tells Pallo she won’t give her money and will leave with Aasu if she mistreats her. They make fun of her and say she can’t keep her job for long. Imlie cries because she is upset.

Sonali takes Agastya to see Dadi at the same time. Dadi wants to know why Imlie was let go by Agastya. Agastya thinks that she might be sad if Alka finds out that Imlie sings at a bar. Dadi tells Agastya not to let his feelings get in the way of business and gives him a second chance.

Pallo gets mad at Bulbul for how she makes money and tells her to call Amrit to get more money. Bulbul asks Amrit for cash after they have been flirting. He asks her if she danced at the party for Agastya. She says that she only did it for him. That makes Amrit happy, so he sends her money.

Precap: Imlie hits Amrit at the bar when he mistreats her. Agastya sees it happen.

Imlie 4th October 2023 Episode Review

In this episode, the story is mainly about emotional and financial stress. Imlie is upset when she gets home because she has to face the harsh realities of life and losing her job. This is made worse because Mama is also out of work. The relationships are seen to be complicated, especially the one between Imlie and Agastya. People criticize Agastya’s business decisions, which seem to be based on his personal preferences.

This suggests that his personal feelings and professional behavior are at odds. The episode also talks about the problems women like Imlie and Bulbul face in society, such as hiding their jobs or dealing with unwanted advances. With Imlie standing up to Amrit’s bad behavior, the cliffhanger promises more drama. This episode has a mix of emotional turmoil and societal problems and hints at more trouble.

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