Imlie 8th October 2023 Written Update: Imlie realizes her money for Aasu is gone.

Imlie 8th October 2023 Written Update: The story begins with Imlie asking Agastya to hurry home because his Dadi (grandmother) is sick. But Agastya realizes he forgot his phone in the car. He asks the nurse to tell Aasu’s family about it. Aasu gives them Imlie’s phone number. After speaking to Aasu, Agastya leaves. Imlie then calls him on a different phone. He’s surprised to hear about Dadi’s condition.

Imlie asks Dadi to relax and says she has to go somewhere. She finds out from the nurse that Aasu is in the hospital, so she goes there. After she leaves, Noyonika comes in. She wanted to show some engagement photos to Agastya’s family but saw Dadi on the floor instead. Agastya comes back and thanks Noyonika, thinking she helped Dadi. Noyonika tries to say it wasn’t her but someone else.

Imlie 8th October 2023 Written Update

Sonali tells her it’s better. Agastya believes the wrong story. Agastya thanks Noyonika again. Imlie learns from the doctor that an unknown person paid Aasu’s hospital fees. She thinks it’s a blessing. When Dadi wakes up, she says it wasn’t Noyonika who helped her but someone else. Sonali says Dadi is confused.

The doctor warns Imlie that Aasu can get very sick even from small things like a cold. Imlie is worried because she has no money or job. Mama tries to comfort her and offers to take her home. But later, Pallo doesn’t want Imlie to come in. After arguing, Pallo lets Imlie stay, but only with the animals. Mama feels sad for Imlie. Pallo and Bulbul make jokes about her.

Elsewhere, Agastya and his family go out. Dadi says she’s hungry and wants food from Imlie’s shop. Agastya is hesitant but stops the car anyway. At the shop, Imlie is giving food to needy people. Sonali recognizes her as a chef from their restaurant and asks about it. Agastya says he let her go. Imlie is shocked.

Precap: Imlie realizes her money for Aasu is gone. Meanwhile, Sonali and Alka plan something sneaky during Agastya’s wedding.

Imlie 8th October 2023 Episode Review

Tensions are high in this episode as Imlie deals with a web of misunderstandings, health scares, and personal problems. Agastya’s forgetfulness starts a chain of events that makes everyone worry most about Dadi’s health. The fact that Noyonika was there and was mistakenly thought to be Dadi’s helper adds to the confusion.

The story also shows Imlie’s problems, such as her worries about Aasu’s health, money, and feeling alone in Pallo’s house. The episode focuses on themes of kindness, misunderstandings, and family relationships. It ends suspensefully with Imlie’s missing money and the wedding planning mystery. Overall, it’s an exciting episode full of drama and emotion.

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