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Jessica Henwick Wiki: Jessica Yu-Li Henwick is a great British actress, writer, and director who has come a long way since she started playing these roles in 2010. Henwick was born on August 30, 1992, in Surrey. His family history is exciting and full of different cultures. Her mother, Singaporean and Chinese, and her English father, Mark, who was born in Zambia and became an author in 2012, significantly impacted her life and career. She grew up with two brothers, which shows how close her family is.

Hisenwick’s education was essential to her early career. She went to Camberley’s Collingwood College and trained briefly at Redroofs Theatre School. Her desire to become an actress led her to teach at the National Youth Theatre, where Rikki Beadle-Blair helped her improve her skills. These formative years set her up for a successful career as an actress and director. A casting call in London’s Chinatown was the first step in her acting career. This critical event led to her first lead role in the CBBC show “Spirit Warriors.”

Jessica Henwick Wiki

Jessica Henwick Wiki and Biography

This part was groundbreaking because Henwick was the first actress of East Asian descent to have a leading role in a British TV show. This early success showed us what kinds of exciting and essential roles she would go on to play. Henwick’s biography isn’t just about how she became a famous actress; it’s also about different cultures, hard work, and the power of a loving family. Henwick’s journey, from her early years in Surrey to her groundbreaking roles on TV and in movies, shows how talented and dedicated she is.

Jessica Henwick WikiDetails
Full NameJessica Yu-Li Henwick
Date of Birth30 August 1992
Place of BirthSurrey, England
Parent’s NamesMother: Singaporean-Chinese; Father: Mark (Zambian-born English)
SiblingsTwo brothers (One older, one younger)
EducationCollingwood College, Camberley; Redroofs Theatre School
Early TrainingNational Youth Theatre
First Lead RoleBo in CBBC’s “Spirit Warriors”
Notable InfluencesRikki Beadle-Blair
EthnicityMixed (Singaporean-Chinese and English)
Breakthrough RoleLead in “Spirit Warriors”
Language ProficiencyEnglish (Fluent), Additional Languages (Unknown)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Inspirational FigureMother (Encouraged acting career)

Jessica Henwick Height, Weight, and More

Henwick’s looks have often gone well with her different roles in movies and on TV. As an actress, she is the perfect height for the part she plays, and her body gives her characters strength and flexibility. Because of her weight and body measurements, she can play various roles, from action-packed “Iron Fist” scenes to more serious dramas. Along with her height and weight, Henwick’s eye color, hair color, and shoe size are all unique parts of her appearance that have become part of her signature style.

Jessica Henwick bio

These qualities and her intense training for physically demanding roles show how much she wants to become her character. Henwick’s physical traits are more than just numbers; they are essential to how deep and genuine she makes her roles seem. Her body adds a necessary layer to her performances, whether she’s in intense action scenes or playing a complex character.

Physical AttributesDetails
Height1.68 meters / 5 feet 6 inches
Weight57 kg / 125 lbs
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Shoe SizeUS 8 / UK 6 / EU 39
Body Measurements34-24-34 inches
Physical FitnessTrained for action roles
Distinctive FeaturesStrong physical presence
Favorite WorkoutMartial Arts
Diet PreferencesBalanced and Nutritious

Jessica Henwick Career Information

Jessica Henwick’s career has gone in a truly impressive direction. What started as her big break in “Spirit Warriors” became a string of fantastic TV and movie roles. That Henwick can easily switch between fantasy and action shows like “Game of Thrones” and “Iron Fist” offers her versatility as an actress. Everyone knows how good an actress she is; her roles in “The Matrix Resurrections” and “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” got great reviews.

Jessica Henwick career

Henwick’s approach to each role shows how much she loves her job; she gives each character a unique depth and sense of reality. Henwick’s career has been a fantastic journey of growth, discovery, and success. The fierce warrior in “Game of Thrones” and the brave pilot in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” are just a few of the characters she has played on TV and in movies. Her work as a director and writer shows that she is talented in many areas and is dedicated to telling stories.

Career InformationDetails
First Television RoleBo in “Spirit Warriors” (2009)
Theatre Debut“Running on the Cracks” (2013)
Game of Thrones RoleNymeria Sand (2015-2017)
Star Wars RoleJessika “Testor” Pava in “The Force Awakens”
Netflix Series“Iron Fist” as Colleen Wing (2017)
Notable Films“The Matrix Resurrections”, “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery”
Directorial Debut“Bus Girl” (2022)
BAFTA Nomination“Bus Girl” for Best Short Film
Additional TV RolesBlade Runner: Black Lotus”, “Blood of Zeus” (voice)
Writing Credits“Nancy Wu Done It” (Amazon Series), “Moley” (Animated Series)
AwardsBrit to Watch at Newport Beach Film Festival
Unique Character TraitVersatility across genres

Jessica Henwick Net Worth Information

Public information about Jessica Henwick’s net worth is unavailable, but her successful acting and movie acting suggest she has a lot of money. Her roles in well-known films and TV shows like “Game of Thrones,” “Iron Fist,” and “The Matrix Resurrections” definitely help her make money. In addition, her work as a director and writer on projects like “Bus Girl” shows that she is expanding her income sources.

Many things probably affect Henwick’s net worth, such as her acting salaries, directing jobs, writing credits, and brand endorsements. As her career grows, so will her net worth, showing how much power she has in the entertainment business. Like her career, Henwick’s money situation shows how hard she works, how talented she is, and how dedicated she is to her craft. Even though her net worth is only an estimate, it shows her success in a competitive field.

Net Worth InformationDetails
Estimated Net Worth$2 Million (approx.)
Primary Income SourcesActing, Directing, Writing
Notable High-Earning Projects“Nancy Wu Done It,” “Moley”
EndorsementsVarious Brands (Names not disclosed)
Revenue from Directorial Debut“Bus Girl”
Income from Writing Projects“Nancy Wu Done It”, “Moley”
Potential Earnings from Upcoming Projects“The Royal Hotel”

10 Interesting Facts About Jessica Henwick

  1. First East Asian actress to lead in a British TV series.
  2. She was trained in martial arts for her “Iron Fist” role.
  3. Co-writer of a young adult series for Amazon.
  4. Her character in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” became a fan favorite.
  5. Directed and wrote a BAFTA-nominated short film.
  6. Fluent in English, with proficiency in other languages.
  7. Participated in the National Youth Theatre.
  8. Has a diverse ethnic background (Singaporean-Chinese and English).
  9. She is involved in various charitable causes.
  10. Enjoys martial arts as part of her workout routine.


Jessica Henwick’s story is about talent, diversity, and hard work. Her groundbreaking role in “Spirit Warriors” and her range in “Game of Thrones” and “The Matrix Resurrections” shows that she is always trying to be the best at what she does. Her dedication to acting, directing, and writing shows how versatile she is and how much she loves telling stories. Her height and martial arts training, among other things, have helped her play a wide range of complex characters.

Henwick’s artistic accomplishments are impressive, but her financial success is even more special. It shows how hard she works and how dedicated she is. Her journey in the entertainment business is an inspiration and reveals how passion and hard work can help you reach your goals.

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