Jhanak 10th June 2024 Written Update: Aniruddha tries to defend Jhanak.

Jhanak 10th June 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Anirudh talks to Rahul. Anirudh wants Rahul and Jhanak to be together so they can unite. But Rahul hesitates to marry Jhanak because he doesn’t have a steady job or financial support. Anirudh assures him that he will find Rahul a job in Kolkata and help them settle down peacefully. He also encourages Rahul to take responsibility for Jhanak and asks if he truly loves her.

Rahul feels confused by Anirudh’s sudden confrontation and doesn’t know what to do. But Anirudh’s words give Rahul the energy and motivation to make up with Jhanak. Rahul understands the urgency of supporting Jhanak and promises to take care of her talent. Although Anirudh feels sad about Jhanak marrying Rahul, he feels relieved knowing that Jhanak will have a peaceful life.

Jhanak 10th June 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 10th June 2024 Written Update

Meanwhile, Srishti and the Bose family arrive in Kashmir to stop Jhanak from influencing Anirudh. Bharat welcomes them at the airport. They all want to arrange a marriage between Anirudh and Arshi. Bharat assures them he will handle everything for the wedding, but they should not delay it any longer. However, Arshi does not feel the same excitement as before. Anirudh’s parents assure her that everything will be fine after the marriage.

After some time, they reach the hotel where Anirudh and Jhanak are staying. From the waiter, they learn that Anirudh is taking good care of Jhanak. Jhanak is preparing for her upcoming exam in the hotel room, but she can’t stop worrying about Anirudh’s uncertain future. Suddenly, she is informed that her family has come to meet her. She is surprised.

When they meet Jhanak, they start insulting her. They ask her why she stopped her marriage to Tejas and accuse her of ruining Arshi’s relationship with Anirudh. Bharat claims that Jhanak is deliberately destroying Arshi and Anirudh’s relationship. Jhanak tries to defend herself. Just then, Anirudh also arrives at the hotel and tries to defend Jhanak. He reminds them that it was Srishti who wanted to ruin Jhanak’s life and contacted Tejas to kidnap her.

Jhanak 10th June 2024 Episode Review

In this gripping episode, Anirudh attempts to unite Rahul and Jhanak by offering Rahul a job in Kolkata despite Rahul’s financial insecurities. Anirudh’s encouragement boosts Rahul’s confidence, but Anirudh feels conflicted about Jhanak’s future. Meanwhile, Srishti and the Bose family arrive in Kashmir to stop Jhanak from influencing Anirudh and pushing for Anirudh and Arshi’s marriage.

Tensions rise when Jhanak’s family confronts her, accusing her of ruining Arshi’s relationship. Anirudh steps in to defend Jhanak, exposing Srishti’s schemes. The episode masterfully weaves emotional and dramatic elements, keeping viewers hooked on the unfolding drama.

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