Jhanak 20th June 2024 Written Update: Jhanak’s entrance into the Basu family.

Jhanak 20th June 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, there is a disagreement about Jhanak in the Bose family. Arshi is tired of hearing her name repeatedly. The family is waiting for Aniruddha to return home from Kashmir. Chhotan prays for Jhanak’s safety, but Bipasha and Shubho get annoyed whenever they hear her name. Suddenly, Appu arrives with exciting news that Aniruddha has come home. She saw his car from the balcony.

Arshi and the others feel relieved to know that Aniruddha is finally back. As Aniruddha enters the house, Appu hugs him and asks for a gift. Aniruddha keeps his promise and returns with Jhanak. When Jhanak appears at the door, the entire Bose family is shocked and disappointed, thinking she will stay with them again. Arshi gets angry and asks her fiancé why he brought Jhanak back after all the drama.

Jhanak 20th June 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 20th June 2024 Written Update

Vipasha asks why Jhanak pretended she would marry her beloved but has now returned to the Bose family. Every family member criticizes Jhanak for her behaviour. However, Chhotan, Ajanta, and Appu are happy to see her again. Arshi demands to know why Aniruddha changed his mind and brought Jhanak back without informing anyone. Jhanak explains that her lover cancelled the wedding and refused to marry her.

She returned to Kolkata to attend Aniruddha and Arshi’s wedding. Shubha wants a legal declaration from Jhanak that she won’t claim any rights over Aniruddha following their past marriage. Finally, Arshi and Tanuja allow Jhanak to attend the wedding. Aniruddha’s grandfather and uncle welcome Jhanak back into their home. That evening, Bipasha arranges a meeting at the house to discuss her plan with Tanuja and Lal. She wants to publicly embarrass Jhanak by arranging a dance performance where Jhanak will be humiliated.

Precap: Aniruddha will find another room for Jhanak in the same city, but she doesn’t want to stay there because it could harm his reputation.

Jhanak 20th June 2024 Episode Review

In this episode, tensions rise in the Bose family as Aniruddha returns from Kashmir with Jhanak, causing shock and disappointment among the family members. Arshi is furious with Aniruddha for bringing Jhanak back after all the drama. While some family members are happy to see Jhanak, others criticize her behaviour.

Jhanak explains that her lover cancelled their wedding, and she returned to attend Aniruddha and Arshi’s marriage. Meanwhile, Bipasha plots to publicly embarrass Jhanak. The episode is filled with intense emotions, conflicts, and a plan to humiliate Jhanak, setting the stage for further drama.

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