Jhanak 24th June 2024 Written Update: Jhanak’s odd behaviour hurts Anirudhha.

Jhanak 24th June 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Vipasha shows Jhanak wedding photos of Arshi and Aniruddha. Vipasha and Arshi want to make Jhanak jealous, so they insist she look at the photos. Arshi asks Jhanak to help with her makeup. Jhanak promises to do her best. She is also asked to manage all the household chores during the wedding function. Vipasha wants to ensure that Jhanak will leave the Bose house after the wedding.

Feeling confused by the sudden question, Jhanak promises to leave the house. She is pressured to do all the housework and prepare others by doing their makeup. Arshi begs Jhanak to do her makeup. Jhanak doesn’t understand why she is being pressured so much. Suddenly, she is asked to pick the best romantic photo of Arshi and Aniruddha from many others. Both Aniruddha and Jhanak select the same image. Lal says he will frame and hang this photo in Aniruddha’s room.

Jhanak 24th June 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 24th June 2024 Written Update

At night, Jhanak shows Aniruddha the Tatwa (gifts) that will be sent to Srishti’s house. Aniruddha tells her not to get involved in every issue or event of the wedding. Jhanak explains that she must be involved because the elders have given her all the responsibilities. Aniruddha gets angry because she is not listening to him. Jhanak’s odd behaviour hurts him. When Aniruddha learns that Jhanak will go to Srishti’s house, he strictly forbids her, but Jhanak assures him that she will go.

Aniruddha asks Jhanak about her performance with Arshi. Jhanak lashes out at him because he pretended to be happy with her. She says he is insulting Arshi by not giving her the main priorities. Aniruddha wants Jhanak’s attention so much that he tries to justify his actions. Jhanak asks Aniruddha to prioritize his fiancée. Otherwise, she will be hurt when she learns he doesn’t want her anymore. Aniruddha feels hurt by Jhanak’s rude words. Determined to prove Jhanak wrong, Aniruddha promises himself that he will have a happy married life with Arshi in front of Jhanak.

Jhanak 24th June 2024 Episode Review

In this episode, tensions rise as Vipasha and Arshi attempt to make Jhanak jealous by showing her wedding photos. Jhanak is overwhelmed with household responsibilities and wedding makeup tasks. Aniruddha forbids her from getting involved in every wedding detail, leading to a heated exchange.

Jhanak’s behaviour and harsh words deeply hurt Aniruddha, who resolves to ensure a happy married life with Arshi to prove Jhanak wrong. The episode explores themes of jealousy, duty, and emotional conflict, keeping viewers engaged with its intense and dramatic moments.

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