Jhanak 25th June 2024 Written Update: Jhanak feels jealous.

Jhanak 25th June 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Arshi’s Mehndi ceremony. To make Jhanak jealous, Arshi asks Jhanak to design the mehndi on her palms. Jhanak promises to help and improve the Mehndi designs. Arshi checks with Aniruddha to see if he agrees to this. Aniruddha, who is angry with Jhanak, wants revenge on her. He orders Jhanak also to apply mehndi on Arshi’s legs. Aniruddha shows off his love for Arshi in front of Jhanak to make her regret insulting him.

Aniruddha approaches Arshi and suddenly hugs her. Jhanak’s face turns pale, seeing their close moment. Vipasha and Lal are surprised by Aniruddha’s change in behavior. Lal hopes that Aniruddha will realize his mistakes by being with Arshi. Shristi arrives and compliments the Mehndi design made by Jhanak. To insult Jhanak, Shristi suggests she should work in a beauty parlor instead of continuing her dance career.

Jhanak 25th June 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 25th June 2024 Written Update

Later, Arshi and Aniruddha discuss their honeymoon plans after marriage. Aniruddha suggests Switzerland, but Arshi mentions she has commitments on those days. Aniruddha insists she adjusts her schedule. He purposely shows his love for Arshi because Jhanak had told him to focus on his personal life. After the mehndi ceremony, Aniruddha decides to dance with Arshi. He dances joyfully, showing happiness at having Arshi as his life partner.

Jhanak realizes that Aniruddha was not truthful to her. He was hesitant to show his love for Arshi, but now he is pleased with her. The next day, Shubha wants to discuss something important with the family. He wants Aniruddha and Jhanak to sign a document before the marriage to ensure Jhanak cannot claim she is married to Aniruddha. He does not want to take any risks regarding Jhanak. Lal calls Aniruddha to the room to discuss this matter.

Chhotan visits Mrinalini’s office to deliver some books. A dispute arises when Chhotan enters the office without permission. Chhotan asks for a cup of tea, but Meenu feels irritated by his presence. Chhotan is still worried that if Mrinalini exposes his plan, he will be embarrassed in front of everyone.

Precap: Srishti will force Aniruddha and Jhanak to sign a paper denying their previous marriage.

Jhanak 25th June 2024 Episode Review

This dramatic episode turns Arshi’s Mehndi ceremony into a battleground of emotions. Aniruddha’s desire for revenge against Jhanak leads to tense moments, especially when he publicly shows affection for Arshi. Jhanak’s discomfort is evident, and the episode skillfully portrays her inner turmoil.

The scene where Shristi suggests Jhanak should work in a beauty parlor adds to the tension. Aniruddha and Arshi’s honeymoon discussion reveals underlying conflicts, while the subplot involving Chhotan and Mrinalini adds a layer of intrigue. The episode sets the stage for upcoming conflicts, keeping viewers eagerly anticipating the next developments.

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