Jhanak 7th July 2024 Written Update: Srishti roars in anger on Jhanak.

Jhanak 7th July 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Jhanak is facing the police boldly at the station. The police want Jhanak to admit that she tried to kill Arshi on her wedding day. If she refuses to confess, they will charge her with murder. Jhanak firmly says that the police have no proof against her. The police begin questioning Jhanak, asking for all the details about her. They ask about her relationship with Anirudhha.

Jhanak says she had no bad feelings towards her cousin and was happy about the wedding. The police threaten her to tell the truth, but Jhanak does not say anything bad about Arshi. The police are suspicious about her relationship with Anirudhha. They also ask why Jhanak stayed at Anirudhha’s house instead of Shrishti’s. Jhanak tries to show that her relationship with Anirudhha is just formal.

Jhanak 7th July 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 7th July 2024 Written Update

When Jhanak does not come home from the police station, Appu becomes worried. She goes outside and looks for any vehicle to take her to the police station. Lalan, who is passing by, notices Appu and understands she is out of the house by mistake. He starts talking to her to distract her. He gives her chocolate and starts a conversation. Lalan comforts her like a friend. Appu wants to walk around the road, saying no one takes her for a walk.

She asks Lalan to go with her. Lalan is impressed by her simplicity and innocence. She treats Lalan, a slum boy, as her friend. Lalan’s heart melts with Appu’s kind words. Shristi asks a lady police officer to continue questioning Jhanak, who she believes tried to ruin her daughter’s life. But the police officer also wants to question Anirudhha. Shrishti says he is innocent and is also traumatized by the incident. Shrishti angrily calls Jhanak a very bad girl.

When Anirudhha returns home, he is immediately told that Jhanak has been arrested. Lal and Bipasha try to calm Appu, but Anirudhha is shocked by the news. He can’t believe his family has made the situation worse. He wants to punish the criminal but is unsure about Jhanak’s guilt. Meanwhile, Chhoton and Mrinalini arrive at the studio to cover Arshi and Anirudhha’s wedding.

Precap: Chhoton and Mrinalini will come to the police station with proof against Shrishti Mukherjee.

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