Juliana Harkavy Wiki/Bio, (Actress) Age, Height, Weight, Family, Net Worth.

Juliana Harkavy Wiki: In the entertainment world, Juliana Jay Harkavy is a well-known American actress with a remarkable career and varied background. As the daughter of Dominican Republic native Berta Carela and former Warner Bros. senior vice president Michael Harkavy, Harkavy was born in New York City on January 1, 1985, and represents a distinctive fusion of cultures. Her multiracial upbringing helped her develop her adaptable acting techniques and captivating on-screen persona.

Acting was Harkavy’s first passion from an early age. At age ten, she made her acting debut in a Fox Kids commercial for the show Goosebumps. Her great career in film and television was made possible by her early entry into the profession. As an actress, Harkavy has proven her adaptability by showcasing her depth and variety in several roles.

Juliana Harkavy Wiki

Juliana Harkavy Wiki and Biography

[person name] Wiki and biographyDetails
Full NameJuliana Jay Harkavy
Date of BirthJanuary 1, 1985
Place of BirthNew York City, USA
Mother’s NameBerta Carela
Father’s NameMichael Harkavy
Early EducationYoung Actors Space, Sherman Oaks, California
High SchoolMilken Community High School, Los Angeles
CollegeTisch School of the Arts, New York University
Language ProficiencyFluent in French
Professional DebutAge 10, in a commercial
Notable Early RoleFox Kids series Goosebumps
Cultural HeritageDominican and Jewish
Residence HistoryNew York, New Mexico, New Jersey, California, Florida, France

Harkavy received her first training in the arts at Sherman Oaks, California’s Young Actors Space, where she honed her skills for nine years. She traveled the world for her schooling, studying in France, where she gained fluency in the language. Her performances have been enhanced, and she has an advantage in the profession because of her exposure to various cultures and languages.

Harkavy attended the esteemed Tisch School of the Arts at New York University to pursue her artistic studies following her graduation from the Milken Community High School in Los Angeles. She studied theater here, training in the Sanford Meisner studio, which produces several accomplished performers.

Juliana Harkavy Height, Weight, and More

Juliana Harkavy’s physical endowments greatly enhance her flexibility and on-screen presence. She is of fantastic height and exudes grace and confidence, which are crucial for an actor in her line of work. Her agility and physical fitness have come in handy in action-packed roles, such as the one in which she plays Black Canary/Dinah Drake on the CW series “Arrow.” Harkavy has succeeded in parts that call for physical presence and agility because of her height and weight.

Juliana Harkavy bio

Her commitment to exercise, which includes a yoga and pilates regimen, has enabled her to keep up a solid and flexible body—a must for the action parts she frequently plays. Her dark brown hair and captivating hazel eyes enhance her on-screen appeal, leaving a lasting impression on whichever project she works on.

[person name] Height, weight, and MoreDetails
Height in Meters1.7 m
Height in Feet and Inches5’7″
Weight in Kilograms60 kg
Weight in Pounds132 lbs
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorDark Brown
Distinctive FeaturesAthletic Build
Shoe Size8 US
Dress Size4 US
Fitness RoutineRegular Yoga and Pilates
Skin Care RegimenOrganic Skincare Products

Juliana Harkavy Career Information

Juliana Harkavy’s success in the entertainment industry results from her talent and diligence. She has taken on various roles that highlight her breadth and depth, making the successful transition from a child actor to a well-respected adult actress. Her standout performances in TV shows and movies have elevated her career and made her a sought-after and versatile actor. At an early age, Juliana Harkavy debuted in a commercial for the Goosebumps television series on Fox Kids.

Juliana Harkavy career

Her acting career was well-positioned for success thanks to her early start in the industry. Harkavy made his screen debut in the 1995 adaptation of “A Little Princess,” albeit in an uncredited capacity. Later in life, she became well-known for her portrayal of Rebecca in “Dolphin Tale” (2011), a performance that earned her high praise.

[person Name] Career InformationDetails
Film DebutUncredited role in “A Little Princess” (1995)
Breakthrough Role“Dolphin Tale” as Rebecca (2011)
Horror Film Appearance“Last Shift” as Officer Jessica Loren (2014)
Television Debut“The Glades” as Amy in “Doppelganger” Episode (2010)
Recurring TV RoleThe Walking Dead” as Alisha (2013)
Superhero TV RoleArrow” as Dinah Drake / Black Canary (2017-2020)
Cross-Series AppearancesThe Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow” in crossover events
Early CareerFox Kids series Goosebumps commercial at age 10
Short Film RecognitionWhatever Lola Wants” (2010), Best Actress Nomination
Theater Background Trained in the Sanford Meisner studio at NYU
Versatility in GenresWorked in drama, horror, superhero, and indie films

She excelled in various genres, including drama, horror, and action, demonstrating her versatility as an actress as she went from playing kid roles to adult roles. Her leading performance as Officer Jessica Loren in the horror movie “Last Shift” demonstrated her capacity to carry a lead part. Harkavy’s career on television also took off, as he was cast in essential roles in hit shows. She portrayed Alisha in “The Walking Dead,” and her role as Black Canary/Diana Drake in “Arrow” cemented her reputation as a gifted and accomplished actress.

Her crossover roles in “The Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow” episodes demonstrate her versatility and appeal in the superhero genre. Harkavy’s training in theater at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts’ Sanford Meisner studio is the foundation of her acting abilities. Her ability to connect emotionally with her characters and give complex portrayals results from this training. She is a talented and committed artist, as evidenced by her nomination for Best Actress at the University of Miami Canes Film Festival for the short film “Whatever Lola Wants.”

Juliana Harkavy Net Worth Information

Juliana Harkavy’s financial achievements are commensurate with the success of her acting career. Although her net worth is unknown to the public, her participation in well-known initiatives and steady employment in the field point to a stable financial situation. Harkavy has succeeded in the entertainment sector with an estimated net worth of USD 2 million. Her acting jobs in television and movies are her primary source of income. Her financial situation has greatly improved due to her participation in high-earning projects like “Arrow” and “The Walking Dead.”

Harkavy earns money from performing and commercial endorsements, which she does by using her celebrity to work with different brands. Her real estate holdings, which include residential homes, demonstrate her astute financial sense. In addition, Harkavy is well-known for her philanthropic donations, especially to institutions that promote the arts and education, showing her dedication to giving back to the community.

[person Name] Net Worth InformationDetails
Estimated Net Worth$2 Million USD
Primary Income SourceActing
Notable High-Earning Projects“Arrow,” “The Walking Dead”
Revenue from Film ProjectsSignificant earnings from lead and supporting roles
Television Series EarningsConsistent income from a series regular roles
Commercial EndorsementsIncome from brand endorsements
Real Estate InvestmentsHoldings in residential properties
Charitable ContributionsRegular donations to arts and education charities
Financial ManagementInvestments in stocks and mutual funds
Diversified PortfolioInterests in technology and startup companies

Her investments include equities, mutual funds, and interests in technology and startup businesses, making up a diverse financial portfolio. A strategic approach to financial management and an appreciation of the value of investment in long-term financial stability are suggested by this diversification.

10 Interesting Facts About Juliana Harkavy

  1. Harkavy is fluent in French, a skill she acquired during her schooling in France.
  2. She began her acting career at the age of 10.
  3. Juliana has a multicultural heritage, being a “Dominican Jew.”
  4. Harkavy advocates for animal rights and often speaks out on social media about animal welfare.
  5. She has a passion for music and plays the guitar.
  6. Juliana is an avid reader and often shares her favorite books with her fans.
  7. She is known for doing most of her stunts in “Arrow.”
  8. Harkavy has a keen interest in writing and has expressed a desire to direct films in the future.
  9. She is a yoga and Pilates enthusiast, contributes to her physical fitness.
  10. Juliana is active in various charitable organizations, focusing on arts, education, and environmental conservation.


The biography of Juliana Harkavy’s career in entertainment is one of skill, commitment, and adaptability. Her ability to enthrall viewers with her performances has been displayed since her early days in advertisements and her notable roles in movies and television. Her distinct acting style and attitude result from her varied experiences, in-depth training, and cosmopolitan upbringing. Harkavy’s physical characteristics and dedication to staying in shape have allowed her to take on various demanding roles. Her journey as a professional actor, characterized by noteworthy roles in popular series and films, indicates her respect and accomplishments.

Harkavy’s considerable net worth, which highlights her financial success, reflects her diligence and thoughtful approach to her job and investments. Her devotion to making a big difference outside the screen is evident through her participation in humanitarian projects and advocacy for worthy causes. As an example of how someone may thrive and significantly impact the world via enthusiasm, hard effort, and dedication, Juliana Harkavy is an inspiration to budding actresses and a role model for young women. In addition to fame and wealth, her tale is one of tenacity, adaptability, and a strong bond with her community and trade.

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