Meet 11th September 2023 Written Update: Raj gets worried about Sumeet.

Meet 11th September 2023 Written Update.: In today’s episode, Raunak takes Shlok. Raj chases them, but the tire on his car is flat. Raj and Sumeet go to Raunak’s house to tell Shagun to stop making a big deal out of nothing. Shagun says she was going to tell him a secret earlier. Sumeet told Shlok that his dad had died three years ago. Sumeet tells Shagun that she knows Shlok was taken by her son. Raj also says the same thing.

Sumeet tells Shagun she must watch what her son does with Shlok. Shagun wants Raunak to be good and not do anything wrong. Sumeet gets a message from Raunak telling him to come alone. He tells Raj that they should search on their own. She tells Raj that she’ll be fine. When she meets Raunak, he puts his hand over her eyes and tells her to watch out for Shlok.

Meet 11th September 2023 Written Update

Raj wants Sumeet to be okay. Pankhuri tries to stop Priyanka from helping, but she wants to. Raj stands up for Priyanka by saying she is smart and has helped him. Sumeet has to wear wedding clothes because Raunak wants her to dance. She wants to know where Shlok is.

Raunak shows Shlok inside a glass case that is filled with sand. He says that Shlok might not be able to breathe soon, so Sumeet should dance to save him. Shagun walks in with Sumeet’s family, but bad guys with guns are in charge. She tells Raunak that she is there to help him. Raunak wants to have fun and enjoy himself. Shagun makes sure that everyone hears what her son has to say. She tells Priyanka that the men need drinks.

Shagun makes Rajiv dance while dressed as a woman. Shagun says she’s tired and tells Poonam to give her a foot massage. She warns Poonam that if she stops, Shlok will be in danger. Raj goes up to Raunak, but the bad guys stop him. Raunak misbehaves toward Sumeet when she dances. When Poonam gets mad, she hits Raunak. When Shagun gets mad, he wants to hurt Shlok by putting more sand in his box. The story ends as everyone watches the box around Shlok fill up with sand.


The episode is an emotional roller coaster with much drama and suspense. Raunak’s unexpected move to kidnap Shlok sets the scene, but the secrets and fights between the characters make the story enjoyable. Sumeet’s bravery in dangerous situations is admirable, and Shagun’s unstable relationship with her family is fascinating.

When Shlok’s life is on the line in the climax, the audience is on the edge of their seats. In today’s world of progress, showing some characters in a backwards way, like by making Rajiv dress up, can make people raise an eyebrow. Overall, the episode is full of turns and twists that promise a story that interests you.

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