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Nahee Wiki: Nahee is a unique South Korean singer, songwriter, and producer whose soulful music and passionate performances won people worldwide. Nahee, born in 1999, made a big splash in the music business in a short amount of time. Her creative and inspiring journey began in 2019 when her hit single “Blue City” emerged. It was her first step into the competitive world of music. Her path wasn’t just about music; it showed her personality’s different sides.

The story of Nahee’s life is a mix of her artistic brilliance and personal triumphs. From her childhood in South Korea to her rise to fame as an indie music star, her life story shows how much she loves and works hard at music. There was more to Nahee’s music than just the melodies. It was about the feelings and stories she told. Her songs were based on her own life, making them relatable and loved by fans worldwide.

Nahee Wiki

Nahee Wiki

Her carefully working on each song to ensure they hit home with her audience showed how much she loved what she did. After her sudden death in November 2023, there was a hole in the music business, but her music lives on. She had a unique voice and made very emotional songs. Fans all over the world remember her for that. Her life story isn’t just about a singer; it’s also about an artist who changed people’s lives through her work.

Personal InformationDetails
Date of Birth1999
Marital StatusUnmarried
Famous ForSinging the song “Blue City”
Death Date8 November 2023
Birth PlaceSouth Korea
Death Age24 Years
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter, Producer
Debut Song“Blue City” (2019)
AgencyMun Hwa In
First Album Release“Blue City” (2019)
Last Instagram Post6 November 2023
HobbiesDancing, Reading books
Favourite CuisineKorean
Favorite Holiday DestinationJeju Island

Nahee Height, Weight, and More

Both Nahee’s music and her appearance made her stand out. She was 5 feet 5 inches tall and had a graceful and powerful presence. Her workout routine, which focused on living a healthy life, helped her give lively performances on stage. Nahee cared about her health because she loved what she did, ensuring she always gave her fans her best. Her style was a mix of modern and classic in her clothes and her music.

Nahee bio

Similar to how Nahee could mix different types of music in her music, she could also wear many different styles. She was known for her unique clothes, which often had modern and traditional Korean techniques. Nahee’s facial features, like her expressive brown eyes and dark brown hair, went well with her artistic personality. Her appearance was a big part of who she was as an artist, and she used it to show who she was on and off stage. Style wasn’t just about how she looked; it was also about how she felt about herself and what she stood for.

Physical AttributesDetails
Height5 Feet 5 Inches (1.65 meters)
Weight110 lbs (50 Kg)
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBlack-Brown
Diet PreferenceBalanced

Nahee Career Information

Nahee’s journey in the music business was one of change and growth. She started singing professionally when “Blue City” came out in 2019, and it immediately got the attention of music fans worldwide. Her unique voice and deep lyrics make her stand out in a competitive field. Nahee tried many types of music throughout her career, from indie to electronic to ballads, showing her versatility as an artist. She was very successful because she could change with the times in the music business.

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Many people liked all of her songs because they were all different in how they sounded and how they made them feel. Nahee’s work as a producer and songwriter also showed how well she knew music. She worked on every part of making her music, from writing the songs to arranging them, making sure that each one was a true reflection of her artistry.

She worked with other artists and wrote songs for many different projects, showing her talent in many areas. Tragically, she died too soon, ending a promising career. But her music lives on as a tribute to her skill and love. In Nahee’s career, we see a young artist who had big dreams and worked hard to make them come true.

Career InformationDetails
Debut Year2019
First Hit Song“Blue City”
Record LabelMun Hwa In
Notable Singles“Gloomy Day”, “Blue Night”
Albums Released“I’m So Confused!” (2022)
Last Single“I’m Homeless” (2023)
Music GenreIndie, Electronic, Ballad
Songwriting ContributionsVarious
Producing ContributionsVarious

Nahee Net Worth Information

Nahee’s net worth isn’t public, but her successful music career can help you guess it. She made money in many ways, such as selling music, performing, and working with other artists. Her financial success was also helped by the fact that she was a producer and songwriter. The way she handled her money showed how practical and forward-thinking she was. Nahee knew how important it was to put money into her career, so she used it to improve her music and production. This method not only made her music better, but it also helped her career and net worth grow steadily.

Because she was so popular and had such a unique look, Nahee’s influence went beyond her music and into endorsements and partnerships. Even though these projects were not as important to her as her music career, they showed how marketable and popular she was. Unfortunately, Nahee died too soon, so we will never know how much money her career could have made. However, her body of work is still valuable. Her songs continue to move and entertain people, cemented her place in music history and the hearts of her fans.

Net Worth InformationDetails
Estimated Net Worth 2 M
Main Income SourcesMusic Sales, Performances
Endorsements Various Brands

10 Interesting Facts about Nahee

  1. Nahee was a self-taught musician, learning to play several instruments independently.
  2. She was passionate about photography and often incorporated her photos into her album artwork.
  3. Nahee was an avid reader interested in poetry, which influenced her songwriting.
  4. She was fluent in English and Korean, which allowed her to reach a wider audience with her music.
  5. Nahee loved to travel and drew inspiration from different cultures for her music.
  6. Her pet dog often appeared in her social media posts and vlogs.
  7. Nahee was known for her down-to-earth personality and often interacted with fans personally.
  8. She enjoyed cooking and often shared her favourite recipes on social media.
  9. Nahee strongly advocated mental health awareness and often addressed these themes in her music.
  10. She had plans to start her music label to promote other independent artists.


Nahee’s life was tragically cut short, but it showed how strong passion and dedication can be. Many people look up to her as they watch her rise from a young girl who wanted to be a singer to a famous artist. Her music, which is full of deep emotions and brilliant artistic skill, keeps touching people all over the world.

Nahee will be remembered not only for the songs she wrote but also for how she changed the music business and the lives of people who followed her career. She wasn’t just a singer; she also told stories, made art, and inspired people. Her music, a lasting tribute to her talent and spirit, will never forget her.

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