Pandya Store 14th September 2023 Written Update: Natasha and Hetal celebrate Rakshabandhan.

Pandya Store 14th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Natasha gives Hetal a piece of paper with lines. Natasha helps her by reading the lines. Natasha helps Hetal learn to read. Cheeku thinks about the family’s past and feels terrible about them. He decides to destroy Pandya Stores himself. Natasha tells Hetal that they should celebrate Rakhi at a place down the building. Hetal is afraid, but Natasha makes her feel better.

Hetal knows Natasha is trying to help, but she worries about what will happen next. Shesh and Mittu wait there for Natasha. Suman stops Cheeku from going into the Pandya Store when he tries. He has to go, she tells him. Suman has the feeling that she knows him.

Pandya Store 14th September 2023 Written Update

Natasha finally gets Hetal to go, but Hetal is worried that Natasha won’t be there. Amresh tells Amba that she handled Natasha well. Amba is glad he agreed but still makes her worry about the store. Natasha gets things for a prayer and tries to leave, but Amba asks her to stay. When Hetal sees Chameli, she runs away. Natasha wants to go, but Dhawal is keeping an eye on her. Natasha tries to sneak out, but she drops a plate. She gets away, and she calls Hetal.

When Natasha comes, Shesh is ready to go. Shesh is sad that she doesn’t have anything for Rakhi. Natasha puts together the ceremony with leaves and thread. She lights the prayer with a lighter, and everyone is happy. Hetal is waiting for her brother. Amba finds out from Chameli that Hetal and Natasha have left.

Precap: Natasha asks Dhawal why he is so mad. She just wanted to get together with her brothers to celebrate Rakhi. Dhawal tells her that she upsets his brother and that he should pay attention to what he says. He wants his brother to be happy.


In this episode, family ties and feelings are the most important things. The Rakhi celebrations show Natasha’s close relationship with her brother, while Hetal’s worries show the tension in the story. The episode shows how hard it is for the characters to show love and keep relationships together when there are pressures from the outside.

The story is more attractive by how Dhawal looks out for his brother. Natasha’s sneaky escape and the mysterious Cheeku’s plans for Pandya Stores are both suspenseful parts of the story. The episode does a great job of balancing drama, emotion, and suspense, which makes it fun to watch.

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