Pandya Store 15th September 2023 Written Update: Dhawal accuses Natasha.

Pandya Store 15th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Natasha and Hetal celebrate a holiday called Rakhi. Natasha tells Hetal to wait for her brother, even though Hetal is about to leave. Hetal doesn’t think he’ll show up, but he does. She is happy and gives him the Rakhi. Everyone feels things. After many years, her brother is happy to celebrate Rakhi with Hetal. Natasha, Hetal says thanks. When they are getting ready to leave, they see Dhawal, which surprises them. Listening to a recording, Chameli learns that Hetal is helping Natasha put on a saree. She says it to Amba.

Pandit says that it is time to pray. Hetal and Natasha get a call from Amba. They come, but Natasha has a reason for them not to. Dhawal doesn’t like them. When the prayer starts, all of the couples do aarti at the same time. Natasha is watching Dhawal. After aarti, they ask Amba to bless them.

Pandya Store 15th September 2023 Written Update

When it’s time for the husbands to bless their wives, Dhawal leaves. Everyone can see that Dhawal and Natasha are having trouble with each other. Cheeku is mad and wants to break Pandya Store. He sees that Mittu is holding Rakhi. Shesh tells Suman what’s going on when she asks. Mittu says that Natasha might be praying when Suman wants to call her. Cheeku thinks back to the Rakhi parties he used to have with Natasha.

Natasha hugs Dhawal and thanks him. But he is mad at her. Amresh sees that Hetal is happy and asks her why. She gets nervous, and he starts to wonder about her. She says that nothing happened, but he doesn’t believe her.

Natasha lied to the family, and Dhawal is mad at her. She says it’s okay to lie if it doesn’t hurt. But Dhawal doesn’t agree, so they fight. Natasha is sad because Dhawal doesn’t feel the same way about their families as she does. Amresh notices that Hetal is wearing a ring and asks her about it. She says she cleaned and found it. Dhawal goes over to Amresh and talks to him.

Precap: Bhavesh and Pranali fight. Bhavesh asks her why she is leaving him. Pranali tries to stop him from calling a lawyer. She falls and hurts herself in the fight. Natasha is very mad and tells Bhavesh to be careful.


In this episode about the holiday of Rakhi, feelings are running high. As Natasha and Hetal celebrate, their friendship grows, and it’s heartwarming to see Hetal reunited with her long-lost brother. But there are more fights in the family because Natasha’s actions and Hetal’s attempts to keep secrets make Dhawal angry.

The episode shows memories from the past and family fights. Dramatic moments that hint at deeper problems, like the cliffhanger with Bhavesh and Pranali. At the heart of this story is how complicated family relationships can be, which makes it a roller coaster of emotions.

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