Pandya Store 16th November 2023 Written Update: Natasha hesitates to console Dhawal.

Pandya Store 16th November 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Isha tells Natasha to ask her husband questions. Isha talks about how Dhawal, her brother, used to love his sister a lot. However, when she left home three years ago, nobody, including Dhawal, cared about her. Isha had to choose between her home and her dreams. Natasha wonders why Isha decided to be alone despite having a big family. Isha replies that she wants to live her life her way.

At the Makwana house, Amresh says Isha was their sister, but now they are not connected. He feels that someone who leaves the home cannot return. Isha tells Natasha that she doesn’t want to be alone, but the Makwanas’ strict rules are more important to them than her happiness. She left because the family didn’t let girls work outside. Amresh thinks they shouldn’t worry about Isha since she doesn’t care about them. Dhawal believes they should help her because she’s their sister and must be in trouble if she’s back.

Pandya Store 16th November 2023 Written Update

Isha, upset, tells Natasha she has nothing more to say. Natasha realizes that the Makwana’s rules limit the daughters-in-law and their daughter. Isha asks Natasha not to tell anyone about her return, fearing it will cause more problems. Natasha questions Isha about why she kidnapped Golu, a family member. Isha admits she was jealous of the Makwanas’ happiness. When Chiku, another family member, arrives, Isha tells a story about catching a thief.

Chiku hugs Natasha, concerned for her. Isha, moved by their bond, makes an excuse to leave. Dolly tells Chirag it’s cruel to cut ties with a sister because she didn’t follow the family rules. Back home, Natasha sees Dhawal asking Amresh to find Isha, but Amresh refuses, reminding him of Isha’s choice to leave.

Natasha plans to talk to Dhawal about Isha, using Diwali as a reference. She hopes the festival of lights can mend their broken relationship. Meanwhile, Isha, fearing that Natasha told her family about her, decides to flee. Dhawal remembers his times with Isha and feels sad. Natasha is hesitant to comfort him. Chiku finds Isha trying to escape and questions her. The episode ends with Natasha determined to bring Isha back for Diwali.

Precap: Dolly will mention how Amba was worried about Isha. Hetal will talk about missing her daughter. Natasha will suggest they can bring Isha back.

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