Pandya Store 17th November 2023 Written Update: Pranali scolds Natasha.

Pandya Store 17th November 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Natasha is thinking about Isha’s words. She worries Dhawal might leave her. Dhawal is puzzled about where Natasha is and if she knows their secret about Isha. Natasha is in a tough spot. She can tell everyone that Isha kidnapped Golu, revealing the truth about Amresh and clarifying her name. But she wonders if it’s the right thing to do.

At the temple, Natasha hears a priest discuss making decisions that help everyone. Dhawal looks for her there. When Natasha prays, a flower falls on her, making her smile. She thanks God for this sign. Dhawal finds her and playfully calls her evil. She asks him to pray for a great Diwali. Dhawal loudly hopes they have a wonderful Diwali together. Natasha is unsure if Dhawal will still wish for their happiness if she follows her plan.

Pandya Store 17th November 2023 Written Update

Chiku scolds Isha for tampering with a window. He tells her to leave if she wants. Isha denies trying to escape. Natasha calls Chiku, asking about him and Isha. She advises Chiku to watch Isha closely, jokingly saying he might be in love. Chiku smiles at her words.

At home, Pranali and Hetal need more Diwali lamps. Amba remembers Isha’s previous Diwali and feels sad. Natasha sees Amba upset about Isha being in the city but not visiting for Diwali. She promises to bring Isha home for the festival. Hetal shows Dolly and Pranali the lamps and candles. Dolly is excited about Diwali, but Pranali reminds her of the family’s mood. Dolly apologizes.

Hetal says it’s natural for Amba to be upset as she cries, looking at Isha’s picture daily. Natasha suggests they bring Isha back. Pranali criticizes Natasha for causing drama. Amba shows them jewellery, giving Natasha a more straightforward piece. Hetal thinks about Amresh’s mixed feelings for Isha. She tells Natasha about a cupboard with Isha’s clothes, revealing that Amresh secretly buys gifts for Isha every festival. The episode ends with Natasha trying to persuade everyone to help bring Isha home.

Precap: Natasha will do anything to reunite Isha with her family. The Makwana daughters-in-law will wear devil masks and surprise Natasha to the Pandya house. Suman and Isha will be shocked to see this.

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