Pandya Store 17th September 2023 Written Update: Natasha promises Pandyas will win.

Pandya Store 17th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Bhavan is in a room with a doctor. He calls himself. Pranali leaves, and she looks sad. Hetal is asked about Natasha by Amba. Hetal says that Natasha is at work outside. Soon, Natasha returns, and Amba tells her to stop working in the shop and pay attention to the Janmashtami festival instead. Natasha says, “Okay,” especially after Dhawal goes to study with his group. Later, Natasha and Hetal go to the market, and Pranali joins them.

Cheeku gets hit by a biker on his way home. He loses his pills. Cheeku fights with them and asks for money to buy new medicine. The biker starts to hit Cheeku because he is angry. Cheeku defends himself and says that he used to do the same for his friend Mittu when they were kids. Mittu, however, tells Cheeku not to help. He can only be protected by his older brother, Cheeku. Cheeku leaves, and the biker goes after him.

Pandya Store 17th September 2023 Written Update

Natasha, Pranali, and Hetal go shopping together. Natasha is confused about why the other people didn’t go to work. Hetal says they are taking a break because they have been busy celebrating her wedding and Janmashtami. Bhavan pulls Pranali aside and is angry that she went to work without telling him. They disagree. Hetal wants Natasha not to see this.

Cheeku tells Suman about the biker when they get home. He thought his older brother was there with him and helping him. But Suman says not to think that way because the biker was trying to hurt their shop. While that is happening, Natasha sees Amresh on the phone while Bhavan and Pranali are still fighting. Amresh says that the Pandya Store will be torn down. When Natasha talks to him, he is surprised, but she wants to show him a statue of Krishna. He treats her well.

At home, Bhavan and Pranali are always fighting. Bhavan says that he will call Amresh and break up with him. Pranali gets scared and tries to grab the phone. She trips and falls down the stairs, hurting herself. When Amba sees this, her other sons’ wives come to help. Natasha goes home because Amba says it’s a special time. Natasha’s happy.

Precap: Amresh tells Dhawal that their family needs to win a contest. Natasha hears the same thing from Suman. Natasha says that they will win again as a family.


This episode has a lot of drama, tension, and family time. It does a good job of showing how the characters interact with each other, especially the fight between Bhavan and Pranali. The thing that happened with Cheeku and the biker makes the story more interesting because it shows a bit of Cheeku’s past with Mittu.

Disagreements between family members, especially about the Pandya Store, give the story more depth. The way everyday life is mixed with the anticipation of Janmashtami gives the story a cultural context and makes it easier to understand. The episode is interesting and keeps people on the edge of their seats.

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