Pandya Store 21st November 2023 Written Update: Natasha and Dhawal are stuck together in a room.

Pandya Store 21st November 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Natasha and Dhawal are together in a dark room. Natasha gets close to Dhawal, and they keep looking at each other. Dhawal holds Natasha to protect her. Suman is upset with Sesh and Mithu for not moving and tells them to call the police. Chirag gets hurt and screams. The Makwana brothers help him sit down. Isha enters the house, remembering how Amresh threw her luggage out and told her to leave. Isha had vowed to return only after making a name for herself. She now says she is no longer Isha Makwana but just Isha.

Isha hesitates to enter the house, but Natasha sees her, takes her hand, and brings her inside. The police arrive and catch some thieves. When the lights come back on, Amba sees Isha and calls out to her emotionally. The Pandyas are surprised to hear Isha’s name from her. The Makwanas are moved, and even Amresh cries secretly. He angrily asks Isha why she came back. Natasha says she brought Isha home for Diwali. She explains their plan to get Isha back was interrupted by real thieves.

Pandya Store 21st November 2023 Written Update

Suman realizes Isha is connected to the Makwanas. Chiku feels betrayed remembering Isha lied about being an orphan. Natasha encourages Isha to embrace her family and forget the past. She asks Chirag, Bhavin, and Amresh to hug Isha. Dolly jokes with Pranali about the situation being like a movie climax, wondering if Amresh will accept Isha.

Dhawal hugs Isha, crying and asking where she went. He promises never to let her go again. Amresh separates them. Chiku wants to speak up, but Suman takes the other Pandyas away. Amresh declares Isha is not their sister and calls her an enemy.

Dhawal tells Amresh it’s okay to think differently. Amresh accuses Isha of kidnapping Golu. Suman comments on the Pandyas’ inability to have a peaceful festival. Chiku regrets returning home. Dhawal kneels before Natasha, apologizing for not trusting her. Natasha blames herself, defending Isha and explaining the stolen bag situation. The episode ends with Amresh saying Isha has no place in their home.

Precap: Amresh confronts Natasha about Dhawal questioning him for the first time. He criticizes her work, saying she’s breaking their home. Natasha argues she’s building it.

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