Pandya Store 25th September 2023 Written Update: Hetal praises Natasha.

Pandya Store 25th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Hetal tells Natasha how great she is for winning a game. Hetal tells her she is happy for her. Natasha asks Hetal why she didn’t show her open support. Hetal says that she was taught to respect older people. She also tells Natasha that she can see Suman and her brothers, so she shouldn’t be sad.

Suman talks to Amba and tells her they shouldn’t upset the god of their family. She will do what Amba’s family tells her to do. Suman can do whatever she wants, Amresh tells her. Natasha hugs Amresh to say thank you. She says that he is a nice guy. When Amba’s family leaves, she gets mad at Amresh.

Pandya Store 25th September 2023

Later, Amresh talks about work with Yash. Yash says that everything is fine except for the Pandya store. Amresh says that they might be able to close the store by force. Natasha hears this. She tells Yash to stay out of the store. Natasha leaves after a fight. Amresh tells Yash that this is a chance they can’t miss.

Amba thinks back on what Amresh said. Amba is losing control, Chhabili tells her. Amba thinks about being told to leave the house. When she comes back to herself, she sees Dolly carrying a bag. Dolly says that Natasha made her decide to go on a trip. Dolly gives Amba some slippers, but Ketal and Chirag stop her from using them to hit herself. Dolly then says that Chirag had planned to go on the trip but had to cancel.

Natasha says she has booked two rooms and that she and Suman will share one. Suman tells her grandchildren that Natasha will sleep in Dhawal’s room. Yash calls the police and lies about Dhawal in a complaint.

Pandya Store 25th September 2023 Episode Review

There is a lot of drama and family trouble in this episode. It starts with Hetal congratulating Natasha on her win, but it also shows how different they are when Natasha asks Hetal why she didn’t publicly back her. Elder respect comes up repeatedly, as seen in the conversations between Suman and Amba.

Amresh and Amba also have a lot going on between them. Amresh is more open-minded than Amba, so he lets Suman make her own decisions. This makes Amba angry. The Pandya store plot line adds a layer of suspense, especially when Natasha asks Yash what he plans to do.

Amba seems to be losing control of her family, which is interesting, and I get the feeling that things are about to change. Her made-up worry shows that she will be kicked out. Dolly’s planned honeymoon is a funny moment, but it’s clear that this family is full of misunderstandings.

Overall, the episode shows that relationships are complicated and makes viewers want to know what will happen next, especially with the Pandya store and Amba’s place in the family.

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