Pandya Store 28th September 2023 Written Update: Suman satisfied Dhawal married to Natasha.

Pandya Store 28th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Cheeku is waiting for Suman. He’s afraid she might have an accident and that Shesh and Mittu might interfere. Meanwhile, Dhawal and Natasha are in an auto, but it breaks down. They decide to walk to the temple. However, Natasha says they can’t enter the temple wearing dirty clothes from the day before. Despite this, she heads to the temple.

Dhawal has a playful idea. He splashes them with water from a truck, and they laugh together. But the truck driver is upset about the water wastage and scolds them. They run off towards the temple. Suman is urging the boys to hurry up for the temple prayers.

Pandya Store 28th September 2023 Written Update

As one boy takes a phone call, Cheeku accidentally pushes the other. This makes Suman lose control of her wheelchair, which starts rolling away. The boys chase after her. Cheeku is worried about what he’s done. When Suman is about to crash into a tree, Dhawal and Cheeku save her.

Natasha and her brothers rush to check on Suman, who reassures them. She thanks Dhawal and Cheeku for saving her. Cheeku feels mixed emotions. Suman is sad about missing the temple prayer, but Dhawal carries her to the temple.

Suman remembers a past incident where her son saved her and thinks of Dhawal in the same light. She is happy that Dhawal is married to Natasha. Cheeku watches from a distance. As Suman prays, Amresh calls out to Cheeku. He’s upset about the day’s events and speaks to Cheeku.

Cheeku says his brother was the hero today, making Amresh angry. Nearby, Amba overhears their conversation. In a special ceremony, Dhawal puts a red mark (sindoor) on Natasha’s forehead to signify marriage. Suman is delighted. Everyone prays together. Anna makes a vow to get Dhawal back on their side.

Precap: Amresh gives Suman one last chance to save her family by transferring the shop’s ownership to him. Suddenly, a bus speeds towards Suman, and Natasha screams her name in fear.

Pandya Store 28th September 2023 Episode Review

This episode is emotional because it mixes drama, suspense, and romance. The story shows how worried Cheeku is about Suman and how funny Dhawal and Natasha can be at times. The episode does an excellent job of building up tension, especially when Suman’s wheelchair gets out of control, and Dhawal and Cheeku rescue her.

Even though her memories and comparisons of Dhawal to Suman’s son give her character more depth, Amresh’s request and the danger that is about to happen to Suman leave the story on an exciting cliffhanger. The relationships between the characters are transparent, and the episode clarifies that there will be more drama and conflict in the next episodes.

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