Pandya Store 2nd October 2023 Written Update: Dhawal falls asleep in Natasha’s lap.

Pandya Store 2nd October 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Natasha tells Dhawal she wants to be closer. She puts out her hand, but Dhawal doesn’t know what to do and doesn’t take it. He acts like he is sick and has a headache. Natasha remembers how her grandmother would rub coconut oil on her head to help. She heats the oil while Dhawal secretly watches her. She rubs his head while music plays, and they both fall asleep.

Amresh shows a model of his new plan: to build something near the Pandya Store. Bhavin asks him about their company’s money problems, but Amresh is more concerned about keeping the model from Natasha. Amresh says they have issues but are talking to investors about them.

Pandya Store 2nd October 2023 Written Update

Chirag tries to cheer up Amresh. When Paresh sees Pranali’s foot hurt, he asks her what happened. She says that her husband doesn’t treat her well and that Paresh is to blame because he made her get married. Cheeku tells Dadi that he gave the food to street dogs when asked about it.

All of a sudden, an oil can almost hit Dadi. Cheeku saves her. They talk, and she tries to show him how much she loves him. But he feels hurt, so he asks her what she is to him. Dama thinks back to when Cheeku was a child and starts to cry.

Dolly makes fun of Hetal being nice to Natasha because of the Pandya Store. Natasha is shocked and asks what’s going on. Pranali says that Natasha is good at getting people to agree with her. Natasha brings a hug from Hetal and Dolly, and they invite Pranali over. Everyone gives hugs and laughs. Their daughter-in-law’s mother is shocked to see them together and wants to break them up.

Precap: Natasha is mad at Dhawal for lying and tells him she won’t let him build his mall.

Pandya Store 2nd October 2023 Episode Review

In this episode, emotions and relationships are at the story’s centre. Natasha wants to get closer to Dhawal, but he seems reluctant. At the same time, business problems and family issues, especially those related to the Pandya Store, cause problems between the characters. When Cheeku saves Dadi from an accident, it’s a touching moment that shows how complicated their relationship is.

The episode shows how secrets, old memories, and family ties are all connected. Natasha’s talk with Dhawal about his mall is the episode’s climax. The plot mixes drama and emotion because it is about personal relationships and business goals.

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