Parineetii 18th February 2024 Written Update: Bajwa family members are shocked to see Sanju’s state.

Parineetii 18th February 2024 Written Update: The story begins with Sanju chasing Rakesh’s Jeep. Rakesh tells Tiger to slow down and teases Sanju, asking if he’s enjoying the chase and making him mad. Rakesh plans to drive away as soon as Sanju steps out of his car, which annoys Sanju. At the same time, Neeti and Parineet are trying to get a ride, but no one stops to help. Parineet tries to get help from the police, but they ignore her.

Neeti is upset because nobody is willing to help them. Parineet then leaves in a car. Rakesh questions Tiger for driving ahead, and Tiger admits he might have lost his focus. Sanju does a quick turn and frightens Rakesh by driving his car backwards, threatening Rakesh with consequences. Neeti urges Parineet to drive faster. Meanwhile, Rakesh’s henchmen surround Sanju’s car and douse it with petrol.

Parineetii 18th February 2024 Written Update

Sanju confronts Rakesh, who threatens to set the car on fire, not wanting to kill Sanju but to see him struggle. Rakesh then points a gun at Sanju. Neeti tells Parineet how much trouble Rakesh is causing, mentioning he kidnapped Parineet from her wedding. Despite the circumstances, Sanju is depicted as a hero for accepting and loving Parineet. Neeti decides to drive, letting Parineet sit by her side. Rakesh and his men start attacking Sanju, and Parineet cries for help. Neeti accidentally hits Sanju with the car in a chaotic turn while trying to intervene. The attackers then flee with Rakesh.

Gurinder runs into Bebe elsewhere, expressing her anxiety over the unfolding events and inability to contact Sanju. Bebe tries to reassure her, highlighting the family dynamics and her feelings of being undervalued, leading to her decision to leave. Back to the main event, Neeti assures Parineet that Sanju is okay and suggests taking him to the hospital, but Sanju refuses and is taken home instead.

Neeti reports the incident to the police, and later, Rakesh ends up in the hospital. He accuses Neeti of his condition, showing frustration towards Sanju and the Bajwa family. The story ends with the family shocked by Sanju’s condition, informed by Parineet about Rakesh’s attack and Neeti’s heroism, while Rakesh dismisses Daljeet’s concerns, focusing solely on his vendetta.

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