Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th September 2023 Written Update: Haider says he is considering Dua as his sister.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Haider is surprised to see Dua bring Dadi home. Gulnaaz thinks she shouldn’t tell everyone a secret, and Gazal is also worried about it. Haider discovers from Dua that someone tried to keep Dadi from coming home. She asks Gulnaaz about it and wonders if the plan came from Gazal.

Dua asks Gazal why he didn’t let Dadi come home. Haider wants to know what’s happening, so he asks everyone to tell him what’s happening. Dua is done trying to get people to believe her. She tells Dadi to tell everyone the truth.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th September 2023 Written Update

Ruhan’s mother, Gulnaaz, stands up for him and says he didn’t do anything wrong. She never lets Dadi talk. Haider tells her to give Dadi a chance to talk. Dadi then says that Dua put Haider in jail not to punish him but to keep him safe.

Haider is stunned. Dadi tells Haider that Ruhan tried to hurt him on purpose. At first, she didn’t believe Dua, but when she saw Ruhan with a gun, she did. She says that Ruhan even fired a gun at Dua. Ravi came just in time to help. Dadi says that Dua tried to keep Haider safe. Ravi says he tried to stop Ruhan, which backs up this story.

Haider is shocked to hear that some of his family members tried to hurt him. He thinks of some of the promises he’s made in the past and pushes Dua away. Dua is hurt and asks him if he doesn’t trust her or Dadi. Haider is in two minds.

In the meantime, Gazal and Gulnaaz talk about what’s going on. They think Dua won’t let them go outside. Dua stops Haider just as he is about to leave. Gazal tells Dua that she should get a divorce from Haider and end her marriage to him.


In this exciting episode, family secrets come to the surface, putting relationships to the test and showing alliances that were not expected. Haider is shocked when Dua brings Dadi home and hints at a secret she wants to discuss. Gulnaaz and Gazal’s cautious responses add tension and hint that they may be part of a bigger plan.

The episode’s climax is when Dadi tells Dua that Ruhan wants to hurt Haider, and Dua steps in to protect him. This leaves the audience on edge. Haider’s emotional pain is clear, making him doubt his past relationships and promises. At the same time, Gazal’s suggestion that Dua end her marriage to Haider adds another layer of drama and sets up more fights. This episode is full of tension, surprises, and emotional depth.

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