Rabb Se Hai Dua 22nd May 2024 Written Update: Dua slaps Mannat.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 22nd May 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Subhan thinks Mannat is secretly talking to Farhaan. He believes she won’t give him a clear answer and decides to keep an eye on her. Mannat sees Subhan and asks why he’s there. He replies that he has the right to visit her in her room. Mannat reminds him that their wedding is tomorrow, and their relatives will come to meet her, but her sister isn’t there.

Subhan promises to bring her sister back after they are married. Mannat worries that Subhan will punish Ibadat for her mistakes. Subhan secretly takes Mannat’s phone and leaves, saying he likes to see her smile. Mannat wonders why he is acting strange and if he suspects her. Subhan checks Mannat’s phone and finds a strange number, realizing it’s Farhaan’s. Mannat suspects Subhan stole her phone.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 22nd May 2024 Written Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 22nd May 2024 Written Update

Meanwhile, Ibadat and Ravi struggle to breathe. Farhaan threatens to shoot them if they don’t die soon. Subhan decides to confront Farhaan directly. Farhaan demands Ibadat to reveal the location of a necklace, but she refuses, remembering how she hid the jewels to stop Mannat from eloping with Farhaan. Mannat finds Subhan holding her phone and asks why. Subhan demands to know about Ibadat, accusing Mannat of still loving Farhaan and lying to him.

Hina asks why Subhan is shouting at Mannat. Subhan reveals Mannat’s lies and shows the contact list with Farhaan’s number saved as “Shefali.” He explains that Ibadat sent him a live location, and Mannat followed him not to watch over him but to meet Farhaan. Dua gets anxious about Ibadat and Ravi being in danger. Subhan realizes they are in Farhaan’s custody.

Mannat denies the accusations, but Dua trusts Subhan, who insists Mannat is lying. Gulnaaz warns Armaan that Subhan knows everything. Farhaan continues to torture Ibadat, demanding the necklace’s location. Ibadat bravely refuses to give in, even under threat of death.

Dua slaps Mannat, demanding to know where Ibadat and Farhaan are. Mannat lies, saying she doesn’t know, but internally, she vows to die before revealing Ibadat’s whereabouts. Subhan arrives just in time to save Ibadat and Ravi. He and Mannat fight off Farhaan and his goons. Subhan rescues Ibadat, who helps the injured Ravi. Ultimately, Ibadat slaps Mannat, declaring she doesn’t deserve to be her sister.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 22nd May 2024 Episode Review

In this intense episode, Subhan grows suspicious of Mannat’s secretive behaviour and discovers her contact with Farhaan. As tensions rise, Subhan confronts Mannat, accusing her of deceit and hidden love for Farhaan. Meanwhile, Ibadat and Ravi are in grave danger, and Farhaan holds them captive. The episode climaxes with Subhan and Mannat rescuing Ibadat and Ravi, leading to a dramatic confrontation.

Mannat’s loyalty is questioned, and Ibadat’s bravery shines through despite the threats. The episode ends on a high note of suspense and emotional turmoil, showcasing the complexities of trust and betrayal in relationships.

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