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Rachel Bilson Wiki: The famous American actress Rachel Sarah Bilson has done many great things in entertainment. She was born in Los Angeles on August 25, 1981, and comes from a family in show business. Her career as an actress began with her first TV show in 2003. This was the start of a career that would make her famous through roles in well-known movies and TV shows. Bilson grew up in a place with a lot of different cultures. Her parents were Janice Stango, an Italian-American therapist, and Danny Bilson, a Jewish writer, director, and producer.

As a child, she learned about a lot of different cultures. She grew up in a “Chrismukkah household,” which shows that her family has a mix of religious backgrounds. She was exposed to the entertainment business from a young age because her father was in show business. George and Hattie Bilson, Rachel’s great-grandparents, also worked in the movie business, making her family’s ties to Hollywood even stronger.

Rachel Bilson Wiki

Rachel Bilson Wiki and Biography

Full NameRachel Sarah Bilson
Date of BirthAugust 25, 1981
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, USA
ParentsJanice Stango (mother), Danny Bilson (father)
SiblingsOne older brother, two younger half-sisters (Rosemary and Hattie)
Cultural BackgroundItalian-American (mother’s side), Jewish (father’s side)
EducationAttended Grossmont College, San Diego
Early Career BeginningsTelevision debut in 2003
Breakthrough RoleSummer Roberts in “The O.C.”
Significant TV Appearances“Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “8 Simple Rules,” “Hart of Dixie”
Film Debut“The Last Kiss” (2006)
Notable Film Roles“Jumper” (2008), “Waiting for Forever”
Fashion EndeavorsLaunched Edie Rose collection with DKNY Jeans
Podcast Ventures“Welcome to the OC, Bitches!” and “Broad Ideas with Rachel Bilson”
RelationshipsDated Adam Brody (2003-2006), engaged to Hayden Christensen (broken off), dated Bill Hader (2019)
ChildrenOne daughter
Community InvolvementDesigned a shirt for Invisible Children

Rachel Bilson Height, Weight, and More

Rachel Bilson’s looks play a significant role in how she looks on screen and in her fashion choices. She is about average height, and her body perfectly fits her roles, whether in dramas or comedies. Her weight has stayed the same throughout her career, which shows that she lives a healthy life. Bilson’s hair and eye colour have become famous, often emphasized in her many roles and fashion shoots.

Rachel Bilson bio
Height1.57 meters / 5 feet 2 inches
Weight48 kg / 105 pounds
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Distinguishing FeaturesPetite frame, expressive eyes
Shoe SizeUS 7 / EU 37.5 / UK 5
Fashion StyleVintage, inspired by Kate Moss and Diane Keaton
Fitness RegimeRegular yoga and cardio exercises
Skincare RoutineEmphasis on hydration and sun protection
Diet PreferencesA Balanced diet with an emphasis on organic foods

Rachel Bilson Career Information

Rachel Bilson has had a lot of significant roles and projects in her career in the entertainment business. As Summer Roberts on “The O.C.,” she got much attention and became a big star. Her work in this show earned her many awards and nominations, solidifying her place in Hollywood. Since then, Bilson has been in many movies, including “The Last Kiss” and “Jumper,” which show her versatility as an actress. She does more than act for a living.

Rachel Bilson career

Bilson also tried her hand at fashion design, working with DKNY Jeans to make the Edie Rose collection. Several news outlets have praised her great sense of style, and she says that Kate Moss and Diane Keaton are her style icons. Bilson has started podcasting more recently, co-hosting “Welcome to the OC, Bitches!” and “Broad Ideas with Rachel Bilson,” where she talks about episodes of “The O.C.” and interviews famous people in the entertainment business.

Initial TV Appearances“Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “8 Simple Rules”
Breakthrough RoleSummer Roberts in “The O.C.”
Film Debut“The Last Kiss” (2006)
Notable Film Roles“Jumper,” “Waiting for Forever”
Fashion EndeavorsEdie Rose collection with DKNY Jeans
Podcasting Ventures“Welcome to the OC, Bitches!”, “Broad Ideas with Rachel Bilson”
Awards and RecognitionTeen Choice Awards, named one of People magazine’s “World’s Most Beautiful People” in 2006
Recent TV Appearances“Hart of Dixie,” “Nashville,” “Take Two”
Community EngagementCollaboration with Invisible Children
Personal Stylist CollaborationWorked with Nicole Chavez for ShoeMint
Notable RelationshipsDated Adam Brody, engaged to Hayden Christensen, dated Bill Hader
ChildrenOne daughter

Rachel Bilson Net Worth Information

Rachel Bilson’s net worth shows her success in acting and fashion. Her work in movies and TV shows, as well as her forays into fashion design and podcasting, have helped her finances. Her earnings have increased even more thanks to endorsements and advertising campaigns for brands like Subway and Pepto-Bismol. Bilson’s investments and real estate also affect her net worth.

Net Worth$12 million (approximate)
Primary Income SourcesActing, fashion design
EndorsementsSubway, Raisin Bran, Pepto-Bismol
Property HoldingsReal estate in Los Angeles
InvestmentsVarious undisclosed investments
Fashion VenturesEdie Rose collection with DKNY Jeans
Podcasting Income“Welcome to the OC, Bitches!”, “Broad Ideas with Rachel Bilson”
Notable AssetsLuxury car collection, art pieces
Financial ManagementManaged by reputed financial advisors

10 Interesting Facts About Rachel Bilson

  1. Rachel Bilson made her television debut in 2003.
  2. She is known for her role as Summer Roberts in “The O.C.”
  3. Bilson’s first film role was in “The Last Kiss” (2006).
  4. She starred in the sci-fi action film “Jumper” (2008).
  5. From 2011 to 2015, she starred in “Hart of Dixie.”
  6. Bilson has an Italian-American mother and a Jewish father.
  7. She launched the Edie Rose collection with DKNY Jeans.
  8. Bilson co-hosts the podcast “Welcome to the OC, Bitches!”
  9. She was named one of People magazine’s “World’s Most Beautiful People” in 2006.
  10. Rachel Bilson briefly dated actor Bill Hader in 2019.


Rachel Bilson’s journey in the entertainment business shows how versatile and hardworking she is. Bilson has been very good at adapting to different parts of show business, from her early days on TV to her successful careers in movies and fashion. Her cultural background and growing up in a family in show business have affected how she does her job.

Bilson has made essential contributions to the entertainment and fashion industries, and her journey inspires people who want to be actors and designers. Rachel Bilson is still a well-known and vital person in Hollywood because she keeps working on new projects, like podcasting.

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